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I worked at old faithful in yellowstone last summer. There were a boatload of gay people and lesbians, but that joint probably has one of the biggest employee populations I've ever seen at any park. So makes sense I guess. Guess my question is, besides wahwheap at lake powell, are there any other big employee population parks where it would be more likely to encounter a gay or a lesbian. My first park, the north rim, was fun as shit, but I was the only gay person :( Anyways, hope everyone is excited for the new season. Ive been thinking of glacier lodge. I hear its fun, and kinda big employee wise. Thanks folks :D

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For those of you who have seen my posts over time and don't know, I am gay.  And I am not doing this seasonal national parks life in order to hook up with anyone, or to sleep around.  I see the OP's question as totally appropriate in that I would want to know the same to get some handle if I will be treated poorly or discriminated against for something that I did not choose and is just an inherent part of my make up.  I am not out there and in your face trying to change the world or anyone's opinion, on the contrary, I am out there to experience what I can and try to find some kind of blend in my life that works for me.  And I am not hating on anyone or taking anyone's posts personally, just felt it was right to shed my perspective on this topic.  That's all, I've said my 2 cents worth.....North Rim Rob
Very well said Rob. Hope you are enjoying your season at the North Rim.
Thank you.  Very beautiful up here at the North Rim, some negative parts to it this year, but I am still glad to be here overall. 

Thats exactly what Robert's question was... Where can I work where I wont be the only gay person, where can I work where I will have peers that understand my situation, where can I work where I will be accepted.  I have been a CoolWorks member for at least 3 years, and this is probably only the second post i've ever read regarding "gay people".  I'm sorry that you joined this website and you're upset by a post that you find offensive.


CoolWorks is not just a website, its a lifestyle for most of us on here.  We support each other, we accept each other, and we understand each other.  This website has changed many people's lives for the better.  If you feel that one post from someone who is seeking help from experienced people on finding a place to work where they will be accepted is offensive to you, then again, i'm very sorry... for you.  You will be missing out on the best website, best people, best friends out there.

Bravo!  I could not have said this any better myself. 

Which park has the fewest gay people working their?

The (unnamed) park I work at right now is very straight...less than a handful of "out" gays or lesbians. That being said, I'm not naming the park I work in, because honestly, I don't want to work with a bunch of homophobes. Or racists. Or sexists.


My queer friends from summers past are some of the best I've ever made in my life. I wouldn't trade that friendship for anything.  They are hard workers and wonderful people. Except when they're not. Kind of like any other demographic.

Wow, you people are fucking awesome. And all correct. Except for Michael, he is a douch bag. Probably one of those people you hate working with, until it gets fired for getting drunk and punching a hole in the edr wall because it was "angry" over the fact that it is a douch bag with no friends. ew


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