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There seems to be alot of talk about pay in the parks and other seasonal jobs being low and it is, but is it that low? These parks and other seasonal jobs seem to be subsidizing the room and board to a great extent. So looking at it from that perspective consider how much it costs for room and board on your own. What do you have to make, to make a comparable wage where you live at as opposed to a park? Yah you got a roommate for better or worse but lets do some math.

40 hrs a week
Subtract out Room and board before taxes
Figure taxes at @ 15%
$457/net pay for 2weeks
$914.60/net pay a month

Room and Board on your own
Rent,utilities, food, and misc.
$100/month avg.
$100/month avg.

To make same net pay at home after Room and Board
Add that $1000 to the net park pay a month
$1914.60/net pay a month to achieve park pay

Divide that by (.85) 15% tax bracket
$2252.47/Total pay per month before taxes

Hourly wage to make that Total Pay ($2252.47/4/40)

So if that is clear as mud your net take home pay at $8.50/hr(in a park) is the same as your net take home pay at $14.07/hr(at home). Yah you got the expense of getting there, getting around, doing stuff, and what not. The way I look at it is you wouldn't be visiting a park like these even if you where getting paid twice as much back home. What's your take?

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i want to know why u want me stop just beacause i dont agree with some of the things u said every one have the right to there opinion there are some things i agree with some there not but attacking me cause u dont like my spelling or grammer come one whats the big deal cause someone miss spell a few words noone is perfect in ths world
Not "perfect". Just willing to take the time to spell correctly and construct a proper sentence. And I have a life, thank you. But seriously, dude, why can't you even use the English language? "Why are so worry"??? You really don't know how to say, "Why are you so worried?" If "u" fill out employment applications this way, you might be unemployed for the entire next century.
one more thing, where are all these high paying service industry jobs in a urban setting? last time i checked minimum wage was the same in seattle as it is at mt rainier of olympic np? drew don't take this the wrong way, i agree with the point you are trying to make but i just want to point out that service industry pay, no matter the location, is always comparable.
I partially agree with you, although as I pointed out, there is more potential for wage increase in the more competitive urban setting (probably not nowadays, though). I was responding more to the (false) perception/assertion that the housing and food offered by the NP concessionaires was some kind of "extra" that in effect, added to the minimum wage. In fact, they offer the housing at just about exactly urban market rates.
Phhhhh, Kevin I'am not going to go about trying to make an apple an orange for comparision sake. That is a topic better reserved for the padded walls of academia. I simply totaled the bills I'am paying for (room and board) at home and compared it to a seasonal paycheck I had and that is what I came up with. My point is I'am going to have to pay what I have to pay to live, no matter what I perceive are the amenities, and what I have left over is what I got in my pocket. I mean if I pay $550 for rent that's what I have to pay. I choose to live and work close to the amenities I want therefore substantially reducing the cost of those amenities to me which I didn't calulate in. I simply did it on a wage to room and board comparision and found that my take home pay was along the lines of a higher pay rate. You can calculate in other fixed amounts and thats ok (car, insurance, gas, etc.). I just covered just what the employer required you to pay Room and board and only took that into consideration back home. That is because the other fixed costs that you pay each month are coming out of your pocket no matter where you work to a greater or lesser extent. I just wanted to throw my scenario out there so others can compare and give their feedback and see where I stand.


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