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Are there any places that allow pets in employee housing? I am trying to talk my boyfriend into trying to get a seasonal job with me somewhere -preferably in Arizona- but the only issue is that we have two dogs (one of them is very small) and two cats that we wouldn't be able to leave behind. Also, are there any places that offer couples housing? I know Xanterra(Grand Canyon south rim)says they do, but I always thought that by couple they meant married..which I am not. I'm not entirely sure though so any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated! I worked at the South Rim a few years ago and have been wanting to go back for so long now, just haven't had the opportunity. Side note, my boyfriend and I are both almost 27, if that plays a factor in the housing situation.

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Hi Amanda!

In my experience in the world of seasonal employment, both of these things are very employer dependent. Some employers do require proof of marriage to provide couples housing, but plenty of others do not, and I believe the trend is moving away from requiring any sort of documentation (it's kind of old school). You would just indicate on your application that your were applying with a significant other and requesting couples housing. 

Pets are a little bit more tricky. A lot of employers are not allowed to permit their staff to bring pets because of specific rules of the National Park that they're located in. Obviously, this doesn't apply to employers that are not located in National Parks. Many employers, especially smaller operations, do allow pets. A lot of them will indicate on their Employer Profile or in the individual job listings whether or not they are permitted.

With both of these questions, if they don't indicate in their Company information what their policy is, the best thing to do is to drop an e-mail or give a call to their hiring contact, let them know your situation and what you're looking for, and they'll give you all the information on what they can accommodate.

Hopefully some other folks here will chime in with their personal experiences, but I hope that helps, and let me know if any other questions come up!

Thanks for the reply! I'm trying to figure out how to contact Xanterra to ask them some questions, but I can't find an email address for them or anything. I noticed on their career page it states pets are not allowed in the dormitory housing, but I'm wondering if pets are allowed in the couples housing or any of the other housing styles. For guests visiting the park, it states pets (dogs and cats) are allowed at the park itself, but not in any of the guest rooms.

I've also noticed most places don't state whether or not pets are allowed, but I'm pretty set on wanting to find a pet friendly park in Arizona.

I can think of only a couple of times when pets are allowed.  Usual way is having your own RV.  Second is some places for top management that live on-site year round.

There are a few places that have male and female separate areas and don't have couple housing.  Most of the time couples housing just means that is who your roommate will be...but it's not like special in any other way.  Of those, there are a few that will want marriage...but most don't care

Hi Amanda,

I know you're interested in AZ, but check out Lajitas Resort located right near Big Bend NP in TX. Similar landscape to So AZ and they do have couples housing for rent and allow pets.

Good luck!

It can be a bit tricky but there is usually a way to do it. I've worked Yosemite and Olympic with a dog and girlfriend. I do use a travel trailer though.


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