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Hey coolworks!  I'm getting ready to start applying for my first seasonal job for next summer, and I'm pretty much open to any possibility. This is the first time I've posted on here, but I've been thinking about seasonal work for a while, and I'm finally in the position to give it a try. I've been looking at national park jobs, ranches, camps, resorts in almost any area of the country, but what keeps stumping me is that certain places I've looked at (Xanterra positions mostly) have a disclaimer that males can't have piercings or they are limited to earlobes. My piercings aren't out of control, but I do have 3 cartilage piercings and both my earlobes. Last resort I'd be willing to take them out if I got a really cool job that prohibits them, but I'd rather not. Most of my experience is in food service, but I also have prep cook and retail experience. I am pretty much open to work anywhere and do anything; has anyone here with piercings (non-pierced advice is welcome too though haha) had a good experience in a summer seasonal position? I'd most like to work in Colorado, California, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico etc. Anyone have any input to help me out in my search?

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Hi Kevin,
I worked in yellowstone this summer with xanterra. I think they were more concerned about hair than they were with piercings. There was a guy who worked in the giftshop with double 0 gauges, they said nothing to him and he worked with customers all day. Also, another guy, a head sous chef had gauges in hid nose, and lots of tattoos. I don't think a few extra ear piercings would be a huge deal with xanterra. Good luck to you!

Thanks Kelsey! I think I will definitely apply to work at yellowstone, what did you think of the actual work there? Housing, meals, wages etc. were you able to save a good amount? I'm a waiter in Arizona currently, living with my grandparents. My plan is to work at a national park this summer and then apply for a Work and Holiday Visa and move to Australia for a year and work there.

Hi Kevin,
I loved yellowstone so much, I'm actually going back next summer. The room and board and food are taken straight out of your paycheck, so you never see the money, which is nice so you don't spend it. You are able to save a lot that way, unless you drink a ton, alcohol is expensive there. But the meals aren't too bad, they usually have a few different choices, and most of it is pretty good. Also, wages are like any other job, just depends on the position you have. Sounds awesome about Australia! I had a short time where I thought about applying somewhere there. Someday I will. Any more questions let me know =)


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