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PLEASE HELP WITH INFO...Server tip average at Old Faithful Inn?!?!

Hello everyone,

I have been asking for months how much one can expect to average in tips at Old Faithful Inn as a server?

It amazes me that I cannot get any reply or straight answer from anyone?

Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME OUT?!?!
I really need to better understand how much I can make over the season as I have a trip planned for the winter I need to save a certain amount of money for and I'm not sure if I should stay put with my current job or go to YNP....I can really use the input please please help!

Thanks so much!

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$200 a day is average.

A Wonder,

There is no set amount. There are highs and lows depending on the time of season. For example, you will make more money in the peak season than during the slower times before and after the peak season. It also depends on the shift you work and sections you are assigned to. There isn't a crystal ball that you can look into that will be how much you will make. I told you in your other post you will make decent money as a server at the Old Faithful Inn. Whether you have enough for your planned trip will depend on how well you do as a server, how well you budget and save your money as well as the things i listed before about the time of season (peak or not) and the shifts you are assigned.




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