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please send me some good vibes/wish me good luck!!! (Signal Mountain Lodge)

Hi to all out there. I applied a few weeks ago for a summer server position with Signal Mountain Lodge based on the good comments I have read about it here and on the scenery there and the fact that I have never been to that part of the West before. Someone at Signal Mountain Lodge called all three of my personal references a couple of days ago and two of my references have called back and said nice things about me so I am hoping for the best, either a phone interview now or a job offer via email or phone. Please send out some good vibes/wish me good luck on this as I would like to experience this place!!! Especially with the good reputation it seems to have here on coolworks. 40Rob Grand Canyon, Arizona

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when i work there before they call me the next day i didnt have to do all that what u went though
Best of luck. Signal Mountain Lodge is definitely somewhere that I want to work someday as well.
I wish you the best of luck Rob. From what I have heard it's a great place and it's absloutly beautiful there.
I too have gotten all of my references called and was wondering what happened with you?
I don't know about 40Rob, but they called my references about a month ago and never got back with me. I didn't really worry about it too much since I already had a job at the Grand Canyon North Rim. I would send HR an email or give them a call to let them know you are still very interested.
Same here, Andrea. I am also not too worried as I have a job right now on the Grand Canyon South Rim - I just want to see a new part of the country and Signal Mountain Lodge has such a good reputation on coolworks here, I wanted to experience a place with such a good rep. I don't know but my guess is maybe they got spooked about the economy and cut back on their hiring for the summer season, plus maybe a lot more employees from previous seasons are returning too, who knows??? Definately I will be in touch with HR to let them know I am still interested, we'll see what happens. Good luck with your summer at the North Rim! 40Rob
Thanks. I kind of wondered if they were having a lot of returning employees as well. I think I have read that they have a high percentage of returning employees. I just think it was kind of odd for them to put all of that effort into contacting people's references/previous employers and then not at least interview them. Oh well, I still want to work there someday. I hope you have a great summer, 40Rob.


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