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Hi.  Im Diane.  I have been looking on this site for many months now.  I retire in 2018 at 56 and working seasonally in the NPS is my dream job.  My husband is much younger than me and has a long way to go until retirement.  Anyone on here like this?  Ive brought up to him that this is what I want to do and he wasnt too enthusiastic about it.  I dont think he believes me. In the end it is my decision on what will make me happy.  When first starting out will they hire people who want to try 6 weeks or even less to see if they like it?  I have 30 years retail experience and I just want to do that.  Thanks for any input.

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Working for NPS or for a concessionaire?  I'm not totally sure, but I don't think NPS itself does retail.

6 a late in the season replacement.  Less than that I think most places would just finish short staff.  There are hiring costs and orientation/training just wouldn't be effective to bring anyone in for that short of time

Try the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. In their remote area near the watchtower (Desert View) there was a couple small gift shops at the visitor Center & the Tusayan Ruins site. Just realize it's remote and alot of my ex-coworkers couldn't get phone service there so you might not be able to call your hubby every day...instead you have to wait until you drive 45+ minutes to the main GC village.

Hi Diane

A terrific way to go would be to start out with a short term gig. Many seasonal employers have openings for a few weeks to a month or two at the end of the season, when, for instance, college students may return to school. If the student needs to leave by mid-August abut the season runs through to the end of September - the employer will need to fill that spot.

Interestingly enough - don't wait to begin looking for these opportunities. Start applying soon! Share your late-season availability and see what happens!

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