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So I heard Princess is the best Corp to work for in Alaska, has anyone ever worked for them as a food server? What property do you suggest? Does anyone know anything about being a food server on the train? Its say you work 4 15 hour shifts in a row? its that right? What is the housing like?

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I've worked at the Mt McKinley Princess for a while, and 1 season at the Kenai Princess. I am very glad to hear that my company has a good reputation. If you search MyCoolworks for a gentleman named Jason Brown, he has been a server for Princess for I think the last 5 summers at our lodge. For train information, I would contact I mycoolworks Mr Brett Swofford. He is a manager for the Princess Anchorage Rail Division and could answer your questions about work hours. If you have questions non-Food and Beverage related, feel free to let me know. I can get you info about housing, tours, etc. Good luck, hope to see you with Princess or in Alaska this summer.
I tried to apply for a serving position with the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, but there are no positions posting at this particular property although there are server positions posted at the other properties. Does Denali's lodge post later or do they already have their servers? How do I found out? Also, I was interested in a hiking guide position. Any tips?
Thanks so much.

more positions were opened up recently. I also have pics of housing and if you have facebook theres more people/groups that have worked for denali this past summer that will be able to help you out.
I'm curious what local tours you get discounts on and how much of a discount (%?). That way if I get a job with them I know how much I need to save up before I get there. Also I read on the website that you get a discount on cruises if you complete the season, is that just for the alaskan cruises and is there a percentage for that as well?
Denali will be reviewing their Food and Beverage positions Early January. There are tours you can do such as white water rafting, glacier landing, etc. They are free or at a 50% discount. These are the same tours our guest take so they are space available and you can get bumped last minute.

For cruise benefits, if you complete your contract the first season you get a discounted cruise. If you do 2 seasons in a row you can get a cruise for $15 a day! Wow! Its a perk for sure! Any other questions Ill be happy to answer.
I noticed today on CL that the rail division had an add up that stated they had started the hiring process.


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