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Just wondering if anyone has ever worked for this company before? I just got hired at Denali this morning. So far I've heard a lot of good things; just wondering if anyone has info on the housing, the people, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Congratulations Elizabeth Mary! What will you be doing there?

I will be going for my first time also so I cannot tell you much. I can tell you that employee housing is located about 10 miles away in a town called Healy. It is known as the Homestead or "The Death Star". It is a three story former hotel that is actually more like a college dorm. Some rooms have private baths some have baths down the hall. I think most people will have at least one roommate, maybe two. The employee dining room, bar, rec room, etc are there also. The run a shuttle bus 24/7 to move employees back and forth.

If you look in the Groups here on Coolworks you will find groups for Princess Denali and The Death Star Crew. Not too many members but there might be a few photos of the housing, etc. there.

It sounds like a pretty good place to spend the summer.



I will be a host at the restaurant! I can't wait. Thanks for the info!

Which restaurant, if the main one, I know of several waitness that have been their over 10 yeas!!

Remember to keep your cool in all situation even when you get hit with 200 guest at one time

On dex days, some days we get over 500 coming in and  they will be there for 2 full days.

And everone whats a window booth.

Like I have tolld other, pack and pack again. Keep it simple, but if you take some thing that needs batteries. take a battery charger. 99% of the time the little shop across the street will NOT have what you need. and Fairbanks will be 2 hours away. Unless you have your own carr and you have the time off, which you won't (very offen) the wait to get those batteries, sweater, or hairspary could be full week or more away. Room mates are schedule by HR. they usually do a pretty good job matching age and interest. But if you have trouble with a roommate..Go to Jenny in HR..don't put up with it and get your room changed. There is no smoking in at the HOMe Stead, outside yes, NOT IN side. Makes share each week you have enought changed to do your landuary, There is NO excuse for diry unformss and never ever be late for the bus to the lodge..its long wait or long walk, rather be early and wait for your shift than be late and be docked.

I'm not sure which restaurant..he told me it would be me it would be more casual and high volume.
Give me a day, I'll post you few pictures of the housing, its old motel, two twin beds per room with night stand between, 4 drawer dresser with the T.V on it. NOt much more, some have motel style bathroomss, very plain, most will decorated the room, some of us purchased our own bedspreads and posted pictures to call it home. Remember, your there for 3 to 3 1/2 momths your going to be dealing with 1/2 million guest during one season. And you'll have to have a smile on at all times. NEver ever be late... and remember you'll be 10 miles away from the restore and all stores once you leave the oompound and head back to the "HOME Stead", The HOMESTEAD" sits for the most part in the middle of NO were, plenty of hiking and nature. If you need some thing, you can catch the next bus to back into the lodge for the few stores or hot tube.........if there is no guest in the hot tube. I"ll work
thanks for the pictures and all of your helpful posts!! =)
I have never worked for Princess lodge but I have worked in Denali and I have heard nothing but good things about them. They have a very solid reputation when it comes to seasonal work.
its not an bad place  to work at i know alot of people that work there alot of them come back they treat u fare  take advanatage of the  trips and the tours they offer and u get major discount on cruises expecially if u an returnee
I worked there for 2 season and loved it.
And from there went to Hawii twice and Europe on there discount cruises.. take advantage of the vendors you can usually fly over the mountains, white water, horse back and midnight golf all (and more ) free. If the vendors has empty space, they will ask employee's who would like to go..and in the past they were all free for Princess employee's. Take adventage of it... There are wild animals so be carefull, about 2 years ago two girls ended up lost for 2 days and they were very lucky to be found alive. and another one was attacked by a bear. Take things seriously about the danages, but have fun let people know if yor going to head out for hike, and they will pack you a lunch for small fee. don't go alone.
Yes, Princess Wildreness lodge is one of the best you and be housed. Just follow the rules and you'll have great time. Bring 4 seasons of clothes, layer look, you'll start off chilly, it will (usually) warms up by June, I have seen it reach 90 and I have seen it chilly and cold in June, Snow can and has started to fall by early Sept. Don't forget you bathing suits, NO pool but some great hot tubes for your hourse off. Pack DVD's for your lap tops as t.v stations are limited and some times you will not be able to get on line. Take physical address just in case the computers don't come up for days, if you have bills to pay, or across the street from the lodge there's coffee shop that you'll have to pay for the use of their computers, and there up and running 99% of the time.
what do you do there? and do you like it?
I've never been there either. Just got hired a week ago. So far looks like a nice place to work. See you up there!


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