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Just wondering if anyone has ever worked for this company before? I just got hired at Denali this morning. So far I've heard a lot of good things; just wondering if anyone has info on the housing, the people, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Pack for all seasons, take extra batteries, DVD's,  remember few stores across the streets is greared for tourist, not so much employee's, Fairbanks will be 2 horus away, a shuttle goes weekly, unless your name is on the list or you have the day off and they have space, it could be long several weeks until you get what ever you need. If you take meds for any reason, take 3 months supply with you. there is NO drug store between Fairbanks and Denali.

Don't miss that shuttle bus..!!!! make sure you take alam clock, NO ONe will be calling you.. YOUR ON YOUR Own you left mother, sister or frend behind. its your responsibilites to be on time..And remmber you break the rules. you can be shipped home.....................Don't break the rules. I have seen many shipped home over minor thiongs. Do it right..and youc could have great career. do it wrong..shipped home.

I work for Princess at the Mt McKinley Princess Lodge, 2 hours south of Denali. But I have been there lots.

I can answer any specific questions you have. The big thing I will tell you about housing is that the employees live off property in the "Homestead". So make sure you catch your shuttle to work or you'll be late by quite a bit.

I also can tell you the company has committed a lot of money to the Homestead over the past 5 years to improve conditions and security/safety.

2004 and 2005 I worked for Priness Wilderness Lodge, Housing is based in Healey, about 10 miles away from the lodge. Over all it's one of the best housing in Denali, in most cases, not all. two persons per room, dorm like, two single beds, small bathT.v will be limited and no centeral air. Either you'll need to bring your own fan or you'll purchase one. Housing is old 3 story loggers housing that has been fixed up. There a large employee dinning rooom, landuary room, small gym, up stairs lounge. Some times you'll have internet. Over all not bad. You'll be responsible for cleaning, bring your own sheets.

Best of luck

If you read below my comments about Denali Wilderness lodge your question might be answered, if not I'll do my best to answer them for you. Please read the comments posted by Marilyn Craig.. I worked for Princess at Denali for two season and I have many many friends that work for Princess over 15 years. so if i don't have answer for you, I can find some one that does. What position will you have? House Keeping, Tourism etc.


I just posted few pictures, let me know if they up loaded ok

Hey Elizabeth Mary, congrats on Denali. I worked right next to the princess wilderness lodge. Hope to see you up there. When you arriving?
may 14! what about you?


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