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I'll be working at Old Faitful this summer and am trying to figure out what to do about this nifty gadget. From what I can tell DNC will have computers (or a computer) with Internet in each of there dorms. I seem to recall reading that Yellowstone has started charging $30 a month for wifi to keep their Internet speeds up.

My question is this: is there any free wifi available that I'll be able to pick up with the iPhone? I know the odds of me getting 3G are about as high as the volcano blowing while I'm there but I'm trying to figure out how I'll stay in touch with those back home.

Any testimonials of those in the iPhone cult are greatly appreciated!

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iPhone's don't do well outside the specific AT&T 3G areas. Had a co-worker that brought one to my Arizona gig. Inside the Phoenix metro area it worked great. Where we were...just an hour was an expensive paperweight. They have all the major metro areas covered so they can correctly say that they cover 97-98% of the population...but there is many many miles of white space on that map.
Just talked to him and mentioned it. It was his computer card that was totally useless. He could use his phone for calls and text and his wifi was iffy...and that was a year and a half might have changed. Wifi in any park situation is whatever the company has available...and many times it's questionable. If you drive, you may find a few places outside of the park.
I think it all depends on your carrier for plan. I have a AnDriod from Veriszon and it works great here at the lodge and I can run the 3g network faster then our regular wifi here at the dorm . That 30 bucks a month extra wouldn't be worth IMO . Once the real season and weather starts warming up most of us will be out side and enjoying the park . But it is nice to have the 3g coverage here at work for breaks and just bored. But if you have a laptop just bring it and use it so you don't have to set around and wait for the ONE computer they open for employees.
Im an Iphone user too and was at Old Faithful yesterday. Had 5 bars of Edge network almost everywhere in the OF area. I was able to make a phone call, send some texts, and update some apps in a relatively short amount of time. Hope this helps.
Good to hear Shane! I don't have a laptop so it's iPhone or bust for me. I'm definitely not going out there to surf the net or watch movies but I would like to stay in touch with those back home at least once in a while.

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Look forward to seeing y'all (sorry for the Southernism) soon!
i have been camping from nc to wyoming this week with my iphone. has been working good e&3g.will be working grand teton. think phone will work good (southernism is goood)


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