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I stumbled across this site a couple of months ago.  I am very intrigued with idea of seasonal jobs that allow me to see other areas of the country. I really want to get out of Washington State.  I am also in major transition and want to go somewhere else to have time to think over things in a different area of the country.  I am curious though. How are the dorms?  Are they clean? quiet or loud?  What age range are the other workers.  I am 37.  I have a laptop that I want to bring with me.  How do I safeguard against it getting stolen?  I am nervous about the idea of living in a dorm.  How are the living conditions?  Is it too late to find something by summer?  How do I get a good feel for the job and the place before I go?  I am hoping I can take a seasonal job or 2, travel and save a little money.  I am also leaning towards Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon or Alaska.   Any tips or a advice would be appreciated.


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Dorms are going to be different anywhere you go. You'll have at least one roommate unless you are a manager and the noise level varies depending on how strict the property is regarding quiet hours and where the employee party area is in relation to where you live; if you can stand working at an alcohol-free property you'll definitely have more quiet. The age of workers range from 18(normally) to one-foot-in-the-grave as I will probably be one day. Your laptop will be fine; everyone lives and works together so first of all you would have to leave it in a common area, and then someone would have to take it without anyone seeing them and then hide it without their roommate(s) seeing it. Chances are, anyplace you will have your laptop will have a few people in it at all times who will recognize it as yours. Also bear in mind that in this environment you don't just get fired or have to move, you lose your job AND have to move, so not too many people do stupid shit like stealing; almost everyone doing the seasonal thing are cool, like-minded folks anyway. Living conditions? Unless you find someone who has worked there before it will be a surprise, but there is a good chance you can find that person who's been there, done that on here.
Most places have done the bulk of their hiring already but once the season starts there are ALWAYS people who chicken out and leave so go ahead and apply to the places that you are interested in, call them after a three or four days to follow it up and then call each place again one week after they open to jump into a no-show or an OMG-MY-CELL-PHONE-DOESN'T-WORK-HERE-AND-IT-REALLY-IS-IN-THE-MIDDLE-OF-NOWHERE-WTF-THERE'S-NO-FASTFOOD-SUDDENLY-THERE'S-AN-ILLNESS-IN-THE-FAMILY-I-HAVE-TO-GO-HOME vacancy. Remember: being able to work the whole season is key, along with a willingness to take any open position. matter where you work you will want a headlamp and a nalgene bottle. Good luck.

p.s.-If you happen to have any questions about Glacier Bay, AK.; Death Valley, CA.; Gunflint, MN.; or Lake McDonald, MT. let me know.
It is not to late to apply for a summer job now but I would not wait. I applied for my job at Yellowstone in late April and was working thera by the end of May. If they do not hire you at the begining of the season don't give up hope. When August rolls around and the college kids start to leave they may still contact you about a job.
I hear ya,this will be my first season that starts the 8th of may.I have so many questions and how things work and where things are.Is it close to being in baraks,if so im set,hahahahahaha.
Roll Tide!
Hi Daphne - here's my take. You can probably still get hired, but you may not start till later in the summer and then work into early October (when the stores close in YNP). But you do need to apply ASAP to have a chance. Your age is sorta in between most of the other workers; you are older than the college crowd, and considerably younger than the semi-retired group. This doesn't necessarily mean you won't find fun folks to hang out with. I was 59 last summer, and sorta fell in between myself (maybe a little more on the older end) but found plenty of folks to enjoy the summer with. My first hike was with a 20 year old (he about killed me), and then I spent a lot of my summer with a slightly older co-worker who became a really good friend and hiking partner. Just be open to the various other age groups and judge people you meet by their character and not so much their age. With the right attitude, you'll have a blast!
Hey Daphne,

Glad people are responding to your query. We're the same age and I also live in Washington. Curious where you live. I think you'll enjoy getting out and seeing some new spots in this great country and meet some amazing people. Go for it!

Kari : )
Thanks for the responses. I am glad to hear from other people who have experience with seasonal work. I am very intrigued with the idea of jobs that allow me to travel. I think I have caught a case of wanderlust. Kari, I live in Spokane WA. I lived in Seattle for several years and grew up in Lake Stevens.
I grew up in Everett. I bet we know some common people. Love it. Can't wait to hear where you go this summer!
hey daphne, i did my first seasonal job in 20 years last summer and now i am hooked, going back out this year. i used to work in construction, now i work in tourism. last summer i worked my butt off, but it didn"t feel like work, at least campared to construction. after awhile you almost forget that almost everyone is 20 years younger then you. a little advice, skip ultimate frisbee with the kids.
everything is generally pretty safe as far as people stealing. last summer i lived in a historic cabin and occsionally a tourist would come inside and check things out.
i would start applying for jobs. last summer i didn't think i had a chance, but appied anyway at the end of may and ended up working the job i wanted at the location i wanted in june. it seems the biggest need is in housekeeping and cooks, so if you can do one of those things you can probably get a job.
Thanks for the responses. It is encouraging. I have decided to start applying for open jobs. I have definitely been bit by the travel bug and I am ready to do something different.


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