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I'm winding up my first summer as a seasonal worker, and overall it has been an excellent experience. (I worked in Denali Park Village, about eight miles south of Denali National Park.) However, this "village" isn't as quiet as I thought it would be. I was hoping for a more back-to-nature sort of experience, but instead we all heard a lot of machinery, buses, a LOT of beeping (buses, trucks, etc.), noises from the nearby highway, chainsaws, etc. In fact, a lot of the workers and guests complained about the noise level. Are there places to work seasonally that are actually quiet? Does anybody know of them? I realize there is going to be some noise everywhere, but I would really like to work in a place that has a minimal amount of engine/beeping/man-made noise.

Thank you for any and all replies.

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There are many very quiet places to work seasonally.  The first one that comes to mind is Bar Harbor, Maine, pretty much because it was my first seasonal job.  I was living half a mile from Midway airport in Chicago before moving to Bar Harbor.  I went from constantly hearing trains, planes, and automobiles to extreme silence (at least at night, not too noisy during the day).  It was so quiet at night, you could hear a squirrel fart a mile away.  It was actually difficult for me to sleep at night the first week from all that quiet.  It's been my experience that most of the national parks are going to be very quiet as well, two of my favorites being Olympic National Park and Grand Canyon South Rim. 

Hi, Steve! I'm currently going to interview for a job at the Grande Denali Hotel. Their location seems pretty remote, near the base of Mt. McKinley. I also just posted looking for reviews of the property/employer, and I do hope it is as quiet as it seems. Do you mind telling me about where you came from, and how the trip in general was between the plane (assuming you had to fly) and any other transit you needed to get to the village? I know I have to take a special motor coach 4 hours out of Anchorage to reach the lodge. Anything at all would be appreciated, thanks again and sorry I don't have more information to you on a different location to work next summer.

Hi, Carly.

I'm not really sure, but I think the Grande Denali Hotel is outside the park, just off the only major road in the area. Mt. McKinley itself is about 70 miles or so away. There is a lodge near Mt. McKinley, but I think it's called something like The Kantishna Roadhouse, run by Doyon. However, the Grande does look like a nice place to work. I went there a couple of times, because there's a trailhead leading to some awesome hiking right behind the hotel. It seemed pretty quiet when I was there, but I'm not sure how quiet of a place you are hoping for. At every lodge I visited there was traffic, and a lot of staff members drive around in little motorized vehicles that aren't the most quiet in the world.

I flew from Washington, D.C. to Anchorage with a layover in Chicago. As an ARAMARK employee I got a 50% discount at The Millennium Hotel, which is a great place to stay. If you get hired, your HR department should be able to let you know about any discounts on things like hotels, transportation, etc. I arrived in early May, and about the only to get from Anchorage to Denali without a car is to take Yukon Trails (I'm pretty sure that's their name.) Riding with them is not the most pleasant experience, but it's only four hours or so. The plane ride was long, but some people came from as far away as Bulgaria or Serbia, so it wasn't too bad, relatively speaking.

I hope this helps. Denali is a truly awe-inspiring place. It's pretty remote, though. Good luck with the job.

i used to work at the chalet before princess took over thinking about going there next summer any info would help  like how was the managers and the edr  can u still catch the bus into the lynx  gas station and how often did they go to fairbanks 

Hi, Reggie.

Are you thinking of working in Denali Park Village for ARAMARK? That's who I worked for. It was my first year ever for seasonal work, and I had a good experience. However, a lot of people who have worked there for several seasons said that this past year was by far the worst. ARAMARK didn't hire enough employees, so a lot of people were forced to work extra hours and extra shifts. (I think they are going to try to hire more people next year.) I heard servers say that the Front Of House managers who worked there this past summer were the worst ever. There was a lot of staff discontent, and a lot of people said they would not return. For the most part, the EDR food sucked. A lot of people would ride the shuttle to the park and eat at the EDR there.

There wasn't a bus to the lynx gas station, as far as I know, but ARAMARK did run a shuttle every hour from 6 AM - 6 PM to the park. From there you could catch another shuttle or walk to the canyon, and you could always catch a shuttle back if you did so by 6:00 PM. They ran a staff bus to Fairbanks every 4-5 weeks.

I hope this helps.

yeah   i'm thinking about it how was the housing and internet service there what about cellphone service 

I lived in what is known as a "dry cabin," which has no running water. However, the rec room has a bathroom with showers. They're pretty grungy and used by quite a few people. But at least I had my own room, which was pretty small. Sometimes, though, I could clearly hear my neighbors slamming doors or making noise. Most people shared dorm rooms with two rooms (four people) sharing a bathroom. Again, I heard that they are not very quiet. Some people had trouble sleeping because of the noise. Cell phone service was good. HR sent out a bunch of information beforehand, and they suggested (I think) using AT&T, which I did. Internet service was spotty. There was an employee computer, which was ancient and didn't work a lot of the time. When it did, it was frustrating to use. Most people brought their own laptops, etc. Just to be clear, I'm talking about Denali Park Village, which used to be called McKinley Village, and which is about nine miles south of the Denali Park entrance.

Steve, I worked at a small resort this summer in northern MN called Gunflint Lodge.  43 miles from the nearest town.  Very quiet.  No TV up there and very limited internet which is slowly coming in as high speed.  no cell phone reception either.  I lived in the old dorm and there were only 3 people in there.  However, the new dorm I'm told was a lot crazier.  Never went up there as I'm not a partier.

Thanks, Shannon. I appreciate the information.


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