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OK Fans ... here's my personal mailing address for the summer ...


Ranger Rich

Mesa Verde National Park

P.O. Box 5

Mesa Verde, CO  81330


Tip: when ya put the cash in the envelope use a folded piece of paper to cover the bills ... I wouldn't want anyone to see the 100's through the envelope!  :-)


Seriously....Have a great summer, and come see me if you are in SW Colorado during your travels!


Ranger Rich aka aggie71 aka Richard

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LOL, with you pulling in the big bucks, why would we send you enablement funds?


Check out Grand Tetons Babe Club, a new division of the Older and Should Know Better Group.


Have a great season, Ranger, Sir, and try to be a Good Example...



Aggie aka Ranger Rich,


I will definately send you post cards from Yellowstone as well as the Tetons. I hope you will be able to make it up to Jackson for a couple days to visit with some of us Cool Works users. Will you post pictures on here and Facebook of you in your uniform as well as pictures of Mesa Verda? I know you will have a great summer. The visitors will benefit the most by having you as a ranger. Have a great summer Ranger Rich!





Sorry we missed you at the campgrounds, we are in space number 222/camphost...took your cell number but our cell only workd on the bluffs...when do you start? Monday for is Sunday,pankcakes on Thurs..Have a great summer..Jim
I attempted to take Jim & Carolyn White to dinner .... but they heard I was coming and ate an early dinner!  Guess they question my taste in restaurants :-)   I had a nice conversation with them until all their pet deer forced me to leave.   I hope to meetup with them again later in the season.

Have fun Rangerrrrrrrrich!!!! :D

Be good, or be good at it. :) Hope to see you on here, posting etc!


:) - I half expected you to have a fan page on Facebook. that's an idea! Let me think about that.
hey have an good summer up there   and say hey to yogi 
How do you like your job? Hope it works out for you . Have a great summer.

I swore I saw aggie on the road today...big Ranger went by on I-80 pulling a u-haul!


Hello from Nebraska, will be at the GRand Tetons tomorow, just finished visiting family.

Now, onward to the Cool Job

@ Carol ... Nope....wasn't me.   But that's my kind of Ranger ... I'm proud of him!  Wow, I didn't realize Carol wasn't busy baking incredible goodies by now.   I sure hope you're over the baking learning curve by the time I get up there!   Richard

Learning Curve?

I check in officially on Saturday, first day of work is Sunday, right now relaxing in my motel room .

JLL doesnt even open to the public for a few days, so I'm sure we'll all be fine by the time Ranger gets up our way.




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