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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a quick reality check.  This is all new to me and I'm seeing mixed info about the program and everything.  

I'm wanting to become a seasonal... starting next summer I'm looking at Yellowstone.  From there I want to do winter at a ski resort in Colo.  Then onto another summer in Yosemite, and winter again at a ski resort in Cali or Utah in 2013 and so on.  

I'm 30 years old, single and have nothing holding me down.  No property, no car, no debt.  I've been living and working in Glendale AZ for the last 7 years and have Hotel and Restaurant Management experience.  Most current within the hotel industry.  I'm finish an online degree in Hotel Restaurant Management in about a year.  While it would be great to obtain a position to better my resume and career future, money is not important to me and I'm up for the best job I can acquire. 

I'm really looking for the opportunity to adventure and experience what all these places have to offer.  I love the outdoors, photography and journaling.  I'm looking forward to the opportunities of getting out and exploring while meeting some amazing people and making great friends.  

Am I dreaming or is this all really possible through coolworks and what seasonal jobs have to offer? 

Comments, suggestions, tips, advice? 

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Grand Canyon is so close for you have you thought of trying that out first?
I want to venture to places I've never been.  I've been to the Canyon 4 times on family trips.  I thought about coming back after maybe a few years to do the Grand Canyon from that perspective though.
We can totally keep in touch.  It's great to know there are people out there with the very same desire and interests as me!  Thanks Sophie, maybe we can meet up next summer at Yellowstone!

You definately sound like you have the credentials and attitude to do seasonal work.  You are not dreaming, it is all very possible through this website.  I've been doing it for about six years now.


Having a vehicle is often times very helpful but not necessary.  It all depends on how remote the location is.  By reading as much as possible on this website, your last sentence can easily be answered, unless you had something very specific you wanted advice on?

You just solidified my confidence!  Thank you Brendan.  


I'll eventually get a vehicle... but I also like the thought of having to figure things out as they come.  I see your point too in just reading up on what everyone is saying.  It's all great advice and info.  I was just looking for some need to know tips if anybody had some.  You seem like you're very knowledgeable about how to go about doing exactly what I am looking to do for years to come.  I am so eager and ready to get started!! I wish I could leave now for a winter position but I do have a lease obligation until at least February next year.  Appreciate the comments and advice!

Oh I'm definitely doing it Jason!  I'm so glad that I have nothing but opportunity ahead of me.  To me, you're living the dream man.  In time, I'm confident I'll be doing the same thing.  I'm really looking forward to snowboarding again.  I snowboarded all 4 years of high school and haven't since.  That's how busy my soon to be 'past' life has been.  I'm done with city living & corporate climbing... it's time to live for experiencing life and nature to the fullest!  Thanks for your reply.  I've been reading up on a lot of your posts.  Looking forward to keeping in touch.

I think you will very happy with that decision!  Have fun out there!
I just finished up my first seasonal job at Pahaska Tepee right outside of Yellowstone and I absolutely fell in love with the area, so I've decided to move back out to Cody, WY! Doing this was the best decision of my life right now and CoolWorks was what actually made this all happen for me.
Good luck with everything! :)
Im hoping to find a job, then I'll start school in Powell in Jan. Pizza Hut seems to be the only thing hiring right now unfortunately.. haha maybe I'll have to take a trip down to Utah!

Hi Matthew. Yes in deed it is very possible to work seasonally. I started back in 1989 and kept at it for about 10 years. At that time Coolworks was never around nor was much on the internet. However you did learn of other resorts and such by fellow associates. Also through sometimes job fairs that would come to recruit. The HR department was also a little source of information on a few places. Now with Coolworks it is so much easier to find an abundance of places in one spot also by everyone's experiences here. This is a great place to get some great information.

While I was working the summer seasons and a few winter seasons it was great! One problem was what to do in the in between off time if you had a couple months to wait for the next season to start. Because a few winters I did have a wait, Other winters, I went back to my hometown and tried to get something going again for a job and a place to live. Something always worked out though. Sometimes it was a little difficult in the not knowing. I was also fortunate to be able to move back into my old roommates house a couple winters and that was a great help. I guess my advice would be to have something lined up for when the season ends and have an alternate plan until you get to your next place.

While I enjoyed it at the time, I have no regrets about going seasonal it was a great way to see and do a few things. Though after a few years it seemed like it got rougher in the always having to pick up and move again every 5 months. Then if you were going after a normal job... the hr/hiring mgrs. did not always quite understand the seasonal work and why the jump around every few months. Seasonal places understand this but not most of the year round businesses looking for people to employ for hopefully a few years. I may just get back into the seasonal work again at some point. There are definitely pros and cons. Just enjoy where you go and what you do. Good luck.

Hey Mark, thanks for the info and advice.  I def agree how great these websites are and love the seemingly endless possibilities.  It's interesting that you mention the whole living situation and time off in between jobs.  I was contemplating just getting a small size RV to travel in and live in when necessary.  I wanna be absolutely free to come and go anywhere I please for the next several years.  In fact, yahoo just posted an article about individual living on $20k and less per year and living good.  With the economy and housing markets, I think many people should turn to an alternative living approach.  I for one am down with the lifestyle.

Yellowstone is awesome. spent 3 summers there and my friend that started with me is now manager of mammoth general store and she has a blog robyninyellowstone.blogspot check it out! the general stores are dnc , and the hotels r xanterra. just remember that u r there for the expierance , sometimes the drama is horrible, and the management has been there done that with thousands of people so there tollerance is not always nice:) just stay away from the drama and u will have a great time:))



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