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Hi.  I just received a job offer via mail...I didn't have a phone interview...  It's too good to be true.  Someone warned me that they hired too many people to begin with, and fired many people...  Does anyone of you experience something similar?

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Sorry, I didn't mention it before.... offered a server position at Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone.
It happens. There are different reasons depending on your application/resume and the size of the company. Many of the largest companies do it especially for entry-level positions. Think of all the money saved on the phone bill alone. I have also had the experience of a smaller operation offering me a job by email without interview, but they had already checked my references.

Many times by the time you do get that interview, a decision is almost made. It's almost finding that reason not to hire you...not the other way around. And it's not much different, but there is the 5 to 10.minute more of a conversation lead in to an offer.

Depends on the size and location of the place as far as 'they hired too many people'. Mainly happens with the large companies. There is a portion of the people that accept a job, then change their mind later. They either accept a different offer...or maybe that they're not going to travel...that never call or email to let them know. They find out when no one arrives on the start date.

There is also the group that no matter how often is told differently that think the job is going to be easy and fun just because of the location. In kitchen-speak, cleaning anything that involves the word trap is not fun. But it's the same whether you're in a huge city, or the suburbs, or a remote area of a national park. They tend not to last long. And yeah, there will have to be some that will be fired...maybe a surprise only to them though.
Thank you for detailed information. I was still surprised... but sounds like it's happen...
I also received an offer in the mail without an interview. It was for xanterra in yellowstone as a room attendant. As long as you do your job and are a good worker I don't see any reason to worry.
Brandy, it's the same location. Sounds like they don't interview....
Well, I'm hired as a server, but sounds like Xanterra offered jobs without interview...
2005, 2006 hired both times without an interview. If you know how to serve tables they WILL NOT fire you.

I thought I reconized that bear cub picture!!! Are you thinking about working in Yellowstone?!? I have applied to a ranch near Yellowstone in Montana, I haven't heard anything from them yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! How has your winter in Jackson Hole been?? I have enjoyed all your pictures :)

Lisa!? Is that you?

Actually, I'm going to Glacier Bay, AK this summer... (I got an offer and waiting for a paper work) The offer from Yellowstone is too good to turn down... but Glacier Bay is my first choice since last summer...

So, you aren't going back to KGL?

Yellowstone area is also very beautiful. It's a different from Alaska but you'll love there. I cross my fingers for you!

Jackson Hole is COLD! It's colder than Anchorage... (I'm sure you are in a lot colder place!) but Tetons are beautiful! I enjoy being in here.

Let me know what's going on.
Same happened to me, Xanterra @ Old Faithful Inn... But I have already accepted a position with DNC.
i had this happen also with yellowstone koa. i was excited because it was my first choice. i also added them on facebook , and expressed intrest on their page so maybe that helped them to get to know me a little better.


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