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Has anyone worked at Coulter Bay? I am leaving to work there in about 3 days. I would love a heads up.

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I have not worked at Colter, but I worked at Jenny Lake Lodge. GTLC has Colter, Jenny & Jackson Lake Lodge so I met several people who worked at Colter. EVERYONE I met liked Colter and preferred it over GTLC's other locations. I think it is more laid back and is geared to families. It is the least expensive place to stay in the park because people can get a room that holds 8-12 for a little over $100 per night. Every employee I met whether young or older, liked Colter Bay. Good luck, and I also think the employees have a chance to make friends easier than the other places.
Sorry but I just read about you. I see you are a chef, if you are an upscale Chef see if you can get into Jenny Lake Lodge. Good for your resume', then next would be Jackson Lake Lodge. Once you have your foot in the door with GTLC, if you complete your contract you will get a letter each year offering you a job to come back. GTLC is owned by Vail Resorts, so when your stint ends at Colter, there will be a job fair in August, some of the other Vail properties will be there recruiting for the winter season, which includes a couple of their places in Wyoming and a bunch in Colorado, such as Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone, etc. GTLC is a large company so the big wigs won't know you but the people & supervisors you work with will know you extremely well. Good luck I hope you like it and the scenery is beautiful.
I really appreciate the great feedback. Yes I was told that I would have an oppurttunity to work
at one of thier lodges in the winter,which would be great.I will also check out the resorts that you mentioned. Again thank's for your help.
I have an associate's degree in culinary arts, Am I wasting my time going to Coulter Bay?
I honestly can not say what type of eating establishments are available at Colter. You can go to and click on the different links for Jenny, Jackson Lake & Colter. I know their website did show what was available at each location. I know for a fact that about June & July some of the people who start at the beginning of the season can't hack it and leave, so they hire replacements to finish the season. If you have a degree, call HR and ask them if they have any openings at Jenny or Jackson Lake Lodge. Jenny will be extremely hard to get into, if they lose anyone they normally try to get someone from Jackson Lake to transfer down there. If you are having second doubts about going to Colter, go to that is where Vail posts their jobs and Grand Teton Lodge Company is owned by Vail (Rock Resorts). I have not checked their website, but they normally have a ton of chef and cooking jobs available at most of their locations. If you really want to be in Wyoming instead of Colorado (where the Vail jobs are, they also have Snake River Lodge & Spa at Teton Village and a golf place that is upscale. Snake River may not be on GTLC website, but I think the golf place is, sorry I can't remember it's name.
Just checked out their website, they have re-done it. It says Colter opened up a new place called the Ranch House. Just talk to them, with your degree, they may WANT you at Colter. Jenny Lake Lodge is considered a Rock Resort and is a 4 Diamond Lodge & Restaurant, Jackson Lake Lodge's nicest eating place is the Mural Room then Colter Bay. Call HR & be truthful with them and ask if you would be wasted at Colter or if they can use you at one of the other places.
Looking for work in Vail! Preferably a restaurant gig as I have uber experiene in bartending and serving. Great wine, spirits, beer, mixology, and cuisine knowledge. Been working at at 5 diamond rated hotel resteraunt in Milwaukee the past 4 years. Great resume (re-su-may). Lil help anyone???


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