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Hey Everyone!

So my plans have changed a bit, and I am considering moving down to Asheville, NC for the winter and maybe for longer if I really love it. The drive is about 18 hours and I will be doing the drive early January of 09. I am a bit nervous because I have not driven more than 4 hours by myself and its going to be during the winter. Does anyone have any advice for me or have previous experience doing this kind of a trip? Any comforting notes would be appreciated too!


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i am from asheville and your gonna love it there but you shoulda went in the summer time cause it's pretty dead in the winter. my girlfriend and i drove a few months ago from florida to california. that was quite a long haul. n e ways, she is from nh and moved to asheville a number of years ago. just make sure you get a lot of rest before your trip. don't stay up all nite with your friends for a going away party. hold that party two days before you leave then rest up before you get in the car. good luck and if you ever wanna know anything about asheville give me a holler. i know everybody there. -josh-
Hey Josh! Thats great!
I just went to visit a friend in Asheville last week and I love it there! I went to a drum circle, saw some bands, explored some of the coffee shops, restaurants and galleries. There is a lot to do there! I can only imagine how much better it must be in the summer! I need to get out of NH so my best bet is Asheville. I have found some job opportunities that I am working on and will search for more possibilities once I am there. I will definitely keep in contact with you!

Thanks again!
Just take it easy. It doesn't have to be done all in one day. I have driven all over and find that I actually enjoy it, especially when I take the scenic side roads. However, if you are driving in the winter the main roads are the ones kept clear. Bring a blanket for a quick nap if you get tired.
Let me know how Ashville is; it is a spot I haven't visited and one that I would like to. If you need work, bear in mind that during the slow season the temporary agencies can put you to work while you look for your full-time position. The work may not be the greatest, but it will bring home a paycheck.
Cheers and good luck on the new life/place to live. :0)


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