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I'm going to old faithful the kitchen crew can't wait never ever been there I leave on apirl 22 the check in date is the 24 I can't wait but is there a lot of hiking there, I worked at glacier park I loved it there but I rarely saw any wild life, is there a lot of wild life there? Ya I can't wait
lots of wild life there, one day i crossed paths with a Cyotoe? in the out side break area. then i walked right thru a heard of female Elk and a Buffalo was camped out in front of our dorm.
I arrive on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 and start working as a Housekeeper at the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge in Tuesday, May 26, 2010. I can't wait to get there and explore the North Rim! Is anyone else headed to the Borth Rim around that time or working at the North Rim in Housekeeping that uses this site?
first time goin to Signal Mountain! housekeeping/lodging help. beyond excited!
i'm doing housekeeping there too :]
Signal Moutain is beautiful youre soooo lucky.
You will see a ton of Bison, Elk and Deers in Old Faithful. You might see a bear or two in April or May when they come out of hibernation in Old Faithfulm You will love it and have a great time there. Have fun and be safe.
I'll be working at Roosevelt as a server from June 5- Sept. 9. I'm excited, I've visited but never worked at Yellowstone. I'm driving from Tennessee, hoping I can find someone to ride with me.. longg drive!
i love the food at the roosevelt. expect to see me there eating often haha =)
I am going back to Mt. Rushmore Memorial Park for the third summer.
May 7th - Sept 25th DNC Yellowstone. Tower 1st Cook
I've got a firm offer from Aramark-Mesa Verde Nat'l Park, Cortez, Colorado...and am in discussions with The Island House on Mackinac Island, Michigan...Will see on Monday...I'm a Sous Chef/Line Cook/Prep Cook/All-around Cook...can do almost anything.


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