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Hello everyone! 

I got accepted to work at Yellowstone this summer. My check-in date is May 10th. (so excited)

I was planning on flying into Bozeman on the 9th and spending a night in a hotel before getting the company bus to Gardiner on the 10th. 

The problem is getting from the airport to a hotel in the downtown area and then the hotel. Does tanyone know if any hotels offer shuttles from the airport? If any of the hotels offer discounts to xanterra employees? And, finally if anyone else is flying that day and would want to share the cost of a taxi with me? 

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Ria- I think the packet they send you has some info on hotels and so forth. On a FB page we were just talking about this- and someone said there ARE hotels that offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel and some who shuttle you from the hotel to the bus station.

Sweet thanks! 

Hotel shuttle definatly sounds like a good idea. Thanks much! 


Check out the 2013 Yellowstone National Park Employee group by clicking on the following link:!/groups/386161024815841/



its easier to pay 63.00 at hotel across from bus station and 35.00 for cab

so 100 bucks

hotels that offer free shuttles are more expensive and farther away from bus station so u need shuttle to hotel and shuttle to bus station in the morning and dont forget cost of TIPPING shuttle drivers

its up to you if you want to tip or not its not required 

tipping is in our culture

not tipping is rude and obnoxious 

thats good to know though... I didn't actually know that tipping was expected in this instance. 

not alot, a few bucks

its mostly out of respect

there used to be a hostile at the motel across from the bus station. that would be cheaper too. Google" hostile in Bozeman" that should find it for you

I thought of looking for a hostel a few weeks back... And found out they closed up. 

this is what i am going to do

western heritage inn 63

cab about 35

so it will be 100 and i will be across from bus station

hopefully i can share a cab or something

last time i went to bozeman ,i met a guy on my plane who said he would bring me to hotel so i saved 35.00 and he refused to take any money

the name of the motel near the bus station is Blue Sky Motel . nice rooms and unless there has been a change , they have a hot tub there too.


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