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I am interested in hearing your opinion on seasonal employment and what you plan on doing with it in your future. Are you someone who just needs to get away once and awhile to feed the need for a little adventure? or are you someone that plans on bouncing from place to place until you have no bounce left and making a career of this?

Personally, I feel like I'll never be able to stay in one place too long and hope that it may be possible to bounce around forever without fearing I'll end up sleeping under a bridge when I become useless in the workforce lol. Naive? Thoughts?


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These days it appears to me that living "off the grid" might the safest place to be--don't you think? I have lots of college, lots of degrees; I invested in a 401k; I was "stable" in my work. Guess what? The bottom fell out of everyone's hard earned assets last October. Fortunately, I have always been cautious about living within my means. Anyone who is in a position to successfully live on minimum wage might turn out to be the smartest cookie in the jar! I look at Doug's situation and honestly believe he is in a much better position than many of those staid folks who played by the rules, attaching to the grid, buying over priced homes, and keeping American companies solvent with their 401ks. I vote for happily "bouncing around." None of us is safe from the day the aches and pains set in and health issues arise. Age happens no matter how you lived your life, eh? Maybe demanding physical work, daily exercise, and good nutrition will help you in the long run way more than any college degree?
Well said Nancy. Wow, you really know how to make a situation positive. I love your reply! I've been here at Mount Rushmore for about a week now and there is this little ol' lady (mid 70's I believe) who has been bouncing around from park to park for years and years. She is as upbeat as any 20 year old and everytime I run into her my day becomes perfect no matter what may be bothering me in the back of my head. I'm learning that little things like this are worth more to me then just about anything. Just a tidbit. Thanks Nancy, gotta run!
Whats up Jim. Yeah, I'm working for Xanterra and more then likely will become a "core employee" which allows me to bounce around to their different properties while maintaining full time status. I will however look into DNC now that you mention it. I do have a year of college under my belt and plan on taking online classes here and there when I get use to my new lifestyle.

Thanks for the insight Jim.
I really admire you all and am intrigued. Doug- 32 isn't really that old, and I sort of feel like for you it will all fit into place. At least you are thinking about it all, and you know what really makes you happy. Everyone questions "things" about themselves. We all do...

And about me. I don't have children, I have 26. I am a school teacher in a small town in Massachusetts. I've always done the right thing: save money, put myself through college, get straight "A's", establish myself as a loving, caring teacher. And now I want to leave for a while. I am referred to as "Miss T." more than I am called by my first name. I am loved until 3 o'clock everyday from Sept. to June and then I go home to my empty house with a cat. I live in a less affluent town, don't have many friends although I am really outgoing, gregarious, and happy, and I am leaving because maybe it is less lonely to be alone in a beautiful place than to lonely be "here" in a not so beautiful place. My students will be tracking my trip through my blog- and will be cheering for me along the way.
I am envious of all of you who can leave and be free. I am loved here by my community and my kids, but don't feel like I am "at my best" yet. I am scared and excited, and not abandoning the thought of leaving for good.
Doug, meet Julie/ Julie, meet Doug. How cute. :)
Aren't you a funny bunny :) First time I've laughed in hours...
I'm need to be someone not defined by Miss T! Go grab a big armload of life!
Thank you! I will. I am a server this summer...not even telling anyone that I am a teacher. It is a teacherless summer, err, except for the blog with my students. I can't abandon them altogether...But to everyone else, I am just Julie. A freckled, redheaded, Red Sox fanned Julie.
Yay Julie! You are who you are--no need to be "defined" any other way! You met the conditions, fulfilled a dream, succeeded, and now you are off to test the waters on a different kind of life! Very accomplished. Very brave. Well done. IMHO.
Good for you fellow server. I'm glad to hear you are out having a good summer. Sounds like fun staying in touch with the blog too. Your students are lucky to have such a nice teacher.
Hmmmm...Sometimes nice ;) ;)
wink wink, nudge nudge


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