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Hi Tribe!  Here's my 2011 version of my seasonal packing list .... with a few tweeks based on past comments and my own experiences at Yellowstone during the summer 2009.  As usual .... the longest list "wins"  ... let me know what I forgot :-)


Notes for those flying:  First eliminate items you can easily buy at destination, next consider shipping some essential items to yourself so you don't need to bring on the plane.  Bring fewer clothes and plan on washing more frequently.


□  Hiking boots (2 pair)
□  tennis shoes
□  leather sandals
□  shower shoes
□  work shoes
□  athletic socks
□  wool hiking socks
□  sock liners for waders
□  work jeans (2 pair)
□  convertible pants/shorts (3 pair)
□  swimsuit
□  underpants/V-necks (12 each)
□  t-shirts (4 each)
□  sweatshirt/pullover

□  flannel shirt (1)/denim shirts (2)
□  sweaters
□  belts (2)
□  rain coat/pants
□  fleece jacket
□  light jacket/rain jacket
□  wool hat
□  winter gloves
□  leather gloves for driving
□  baseball cap/glove

□  fishing hat/expedition hat
□  handi-wipes for my glasses
□  first aid-kit/extra moleskin

□  Health maintenance drugs/fiber pills/fish pills
□  leatherman/survival kit
□  sundries
□  shower bag
□  towels/washcloth
□  blanket/sheets/pillow
□  flashlight
□  LED headlamp
□  DEET 100%/rubbing alcohol (to dilute)
□  chapstick/carmex
□  sunscreen (SPF 50, Neutrogena or equiv.)
□  qtips/cotton balls
□  travel roll of TP or handi-wipes
□  travel kleenex
□  hiking poles
□  waterproof bags
□  camelback daypack
□  pocket knife
□  compass
□  topo maps of area/day hike info sheets
□  Destination guide /other travel material
□  laptop & charger/laptop backpack
□  digital cameras
□  sd cards
□  rechargeable batteries/charger
□  fold up mesh laundry hamper
□  ALARM CLOCK w/ battery back-up
□  ipod & ac/dc charger/cassette adapter for truck

□  ipod speaker w/ power supply/remote

□  compact headphones/earphones
□  Reading Material/Books regarding fishing

□  cards/card games/board games

□  Passport/Checkbook/Credit Cards

□  sunglasses/reading glasses

□  Health insurance card/drug card/doctor’s cards

□  Spotting Scope/binoculars/tripod

□  toothbrush/shave kit/cologne/deodorant

□  beano/antacids/gasx/Imodium

□  sleeping pills

□  sewing kit

□  fishing vest/waders/tackle box

□  fishing poles/reels

□  28 qt cooler w/ drinks & snacks for road trip

□  water jug for road trip

□  GPS w/charger (pre-program route for road trip)

□  single cup coffee maker/filters/coffee/splenda w/ fiber/stir sticks

□  floss/toothpicks

□  shampoo

□  wine opener

□  Ear plugs

□  notepad and pen/envelopes/stamps

□  air freshener

□  Bear Spray

□  Super Glue

□  Fan, clip-on OFF/refill packets

□  Duct Tape

□  Basic Tools; hammer,screwdriver,pliers,ect.

□  sticky putty for hanging posters in room

□  removable hooks for wall/back of door

□  Clip on Fan (Walmart)

□  Folding TV Tray/nightstand (Walmart)

□  Small Table Lamp

□  extension cords/power strip

□  elec outlet multiplier


See the attached editable file '2011 Seasonal Packing List.rtf'   .... HAVE FUN PACKING!

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Great List, Aggie. Thanks for posting.


I always smile when I see someone wanting to dilute 100% deet. Ever hike where the mesquitos are at the top of the food chain?

I know, someone else asked you this in 2009...I stand by my brand. 100% deet, for sanity sake. Sorta like deluting 45 sunscreen.

Deet is toxic, common knowledge. So don't anyone feel they have to Educate Me on that.

Practice Responible Deeting, and you'll be fine.



I must report that my mates and I have invaded/liberated small countries with less kit than this lorry load . Where is the kitchen sink ? I did notice a few valuables such as duct tape and reading material . I also carry several extra pair reading glasses and when on holiday / work in the States I have my prescriptions filled at the loacal Walmart . The Wallies are everywhere and it is easy to transfer refills across the country .

I am with Carol on the Deet - the Arctic Circle summer made me a fan for life .

a last minute add ....

*  one small, lightweight kitchen sink plus plumbing tools to add to room/tent/bunkhouse/whatever :-)

Aggie-can't open your attachment. Could you maybe post it like the old list? I'm confined to my 3G these days. Thanks if you can. Nancy

@ Nancy .... I did attach it like I did in 2009 .... it's a rich text format file and it downloaded fine for me.  Not sure what the problem would be?


I completely agree with others that this is a "maximum" list and most people will scratch many items ..... I figured it's easier to remove items you don't want/need rather than try to remember to add something :-)   I do have a pickup truck and bring lots of stuff ... some of these are definitely creature comfort items that are very optional if you are flying or camping on the way.

I have read the list twice . I will not forget the qtips or handiwipes and I will travel peacefully . How  did Lewis and Clark survive without their clipon fan ? I jest . A comprehensive list for those in need ofa comprehensive list .
12 pr of underpants ?
ya bonsi ...that is a LOT of under pants (and V-necks)!  Maybe I should consider adult disposables!   I am confident that if Lewis & Clark had a Walmart...they would have gotten their clip-on fan!

wow! Do you pull a trailer with you? I carry my back pack that contains everything i could need for the outdoors (everything is ultra lite) and a 28" duffle with the clothing for a week, laptop,etc. that I'll need for living in and around the housing area. There's alway coffee makers micro waves, fans, fridge and thing of such left over from peeps the year b4 that i grab,I use them, then return for the people next year. kinda like recycling the goodies.

In my 28" duffle, I can fit 7 pair of jeans, 7 t's, a couple of long sleeve flannels, some skivvies,socks, laptop, shaving gear. (haha, i've got a beard) an alarm clock and an extra  jacket.


well I havent gone fishing for I can skip the fishing gear, and seeing as I haven't owned a TV for yrs I can skip the TV tray too. I have never owned a 'clip-on fan'...Geez I figured if it gets to hot out that u jump in a cold shower.
Hi Sunni .... the TV tray isn't for watching TV silly .... it's a poor man's nightstand .... and it worked great at Yellowstone for very little cost. Our dorm room only had beds and dressers....nothing else so this little table came in very handy.

U don't use the top of the dresser as your nightstand? Whats the nightstand for...empting out your pockets, a lamp, and whatever book/magazine/newspaper your reading. Seems to me all that stuff should fit on top of the dresser.

See I just saved you from packing 1 item.

nope...dresser was no where close to the side of the bed (but nice thought). It was also much too high (i.e. a tall boys style dresser) even if it were in the right location.  Also the size and orientation of the room made moving the dresser impractical :-)


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