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Hi Tribe!  Here's my 2011 version of my seasonal packing list .... with a few tweeks based on past comments and my own experiences at Yellowstone during the summer 2009.  As usual .... the longest list "wins"  ... let me know what I forgot :-)


Notes for those flying:  First eliminate items you can easily buy at destination, next consider shipping some essential items to yourself so you don't need to bring on the plane.  Bring fewer clothes and plan on washing more frequently.


□  Hiking boots (2 pair)
□  tennis shoes
□  leather sandals
□  shower shoes
□  work shoes
□  athletic socks
□  wool hiking socks
□  sock liners for waders
□  work jeans (2 pair)
□  convertible pants/shorts (3 pair)
□  swimsuit
□  underpants/V-necks (12 each)
□  t-shirts (4 each)
□  sweatshirt/pullover

□  flannel shirt (1)/denim shirts (2)
□  sweaters
□  belts (2)
□  rain coat/pants
□  fleece jacket
□  light jacket/rain jacket
□  wool hat
□  winter gloves
□  leather gloves for driving
□  baseball cap/glove

□  fishing hat/expedition hat
□  handi-wipes for my glasses
□  first aid-kit/extra moleskin

□  Health maintenance drugs/fiber pills/fish pills
□  leatherman/survival kit
□  sundries
□  shower bag
□  towels/washcloth
□  blanket/sheets/pillow
□  flashlight
□  LED headlamp
□  DEET 100%/rubbing alcohol (to dilute)
□  chapstick/carmex
□  sunscreen (SPF 50, Neutrogena or equiv.)
□  qtips/cotton balls
□  travel roll of TP or handi-wipes
□  travel kleenex
□  hiking poles
□  waterproof bags
□  camelback daypack
□  pocket knife
□  compass
□  topo maps of area/day hike info sheets
□  Destination guide /other travel material
□  laptop & charger/laptop backpack
□  digital cameras
□  sd cards
□  rechargeable batteries/charger
□  fold up mesh laundry hamper
□  ALARM CLOCK w/ battery back-up
□  ipod & ac/dc charger/cassette adapter for truck

□  ipod speaker w/ power supply/remote

□  compact headphones/earphones
□  Reading Material/Books regarding fishing

□  cards/card games/board games

□  Passport/Checkbook/Credit Cards

□  sunglasses/reading glasses

□  Health insurance card/drug card/doctor’s cards

□  Spotting Scope/binoculars/tripod

□  toothbrush/shave kit/cologne/deodorant

□  beano/antacids/gasx/Imodium

□  sleeping pills

□  sewing kit

□  fishing vest/waders/tackle box

□  fishing poles/reels

□  28 qt cooler w/ drinks & snacks for road trip

□  water jug for road trip

□  GPS w/charger (pre-program route for road trip)

□  single cup coffee maker/filters/coffee/splenda w/ fiber/stir sticks

□  floss/toothpicks

□  shampoo

□  wine opener

□  Ear plugs

□  notepad and pen/envelopes/stamps

□  air freshener

□  Bear Spray

□  Super Glue

□  Fan, clip-on OFF/refill packets

□  Duct Tape

□  Basic Tools; hammer,screwdriver,pliers,ect.

□  sticky putty for hanging posters in room

□  removable hooks for wall/back of door

□  Clip on Fan (Walmart)

□  Folding TV Tray/nightstand (Walmart)

□  Small Table Lamp

□  extension cords/power strip

□  elec outlet multiplier


See the attached editable file '2011 Seasonal Packing List.rtf'   .... HAVE FUN PACKING!

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People move the furniture around in thier dorm rooms all the time here.

Ya know, been at GCSR for 4 yrs and I still ain't got 1/2 the hiking stuff that a 1-day visitor brings here...and yes, I have gone hiking into the canyon.

That list would be overwhelming to those new to the seasonal gig no doubt. Shipping things ahead is a good idea for sure, wish I had known that last year before Yellowstone. If one doesn't drive it s sure not going all at once unless you want to not only lug more baggage but also pay the fees for excess baggage so yes shipping is an option. As for your suggestion to wash clothes more frequently that is not an option for everyone. We had only one opp a week at YNP Lake location; for me that meant having a pair of jeans (the required 'uniform') for at least the 5 work days since I do not choose to wear them more than once especially working in food service.


It seems to me that there are options for getting to a store occasionally, not to say that some of those items aren t needed from the start, but in working at YNP I learned that each and every week there was always someone going to Walmart or such locations; I didn t drive so if I was able to do that then I am sure someone with a vehicle could do even better. There are some very valid suggestions on the list but it is definitely not practical for someone not driving in. Thanks for sharing though. : )



I'm a frist timer and have talked to Aggie about his lists! I think they are just everything you could ever think of need in a seasonal job. It is meant to be used as a guide not as EVERYONE's list. Some of these things aren't pratical for everyone and can be omitted from their personal lists. I think if any of ya'll are flying you should post your own packing list on here to give everyone an idea. Aggie is driving that way he has more room to pack the things he needs, and also extra supplies that he wants.
I know this is sounding defensive at this point, however there are a number of items on my list that are pretty darn small - and can easily fit in a suitcase or other container. I would likely eliminate the swim suit, baseball cap/glove, and LED headlamp as these were honestly rarely used. Most everything else I really used - frequently, and I am glad I brought! Most of these items will be with me at Mesa Verde this year too (heck I already have the stuff....might as well bring it!) For my hiking friends :-) just cause an item is on this list doesn't mean I took it on ALL my hikes...depended where the hike was, who I was going with, and what I felt I needed for that day. I suspect I hike with the same stuff you do.

No need to feel on the defense Aggie. Like anything else on the site it is a chance for others to voice their opinions/thoughts. Nobody is putting it down I think, just offering differing points of view...and their own experience. Personally if I were driving I would have everything I own (like a closet full) with me for the simple fact that I don't enjoy paying for a storage unit.

Yes many of the items are small Aggie and yet when flying since luggage is limited and space is limited at dorms, there are some things that just  may have to come later. I think clothing takes up the most space and even with the space bags I used (supposed to give you more space to pack) I still found 2 pieces of luggage necessary.

As you said though, and I think I mentioned too, if you can ship it ahead all the better. Wish I had known that was an option the first time around, I would have done things differently : ) Thanks for your thoughts


P.S. this is why discussions like these are important. There are 'newbies' as well as 'seasoned' workers. I  take that into consideration when reviewing a persons suggestions about a place(s) they have worked. As someone has pointed out in previous discussions so much is what you put into the experience and some people make themselves miserable (as I found last year where I was) while others, in the very same environment & work arrangement can be totally content (as I was). It, like life in general, is all what you make it.

Thanks again for your input.

Aggie I commend you on your list . And Thank You for putting it up for display . I am certainly a comfortable minimalist , and many of your items do raise a smile - who cares , to each their own . I carry a rucksack stuffed with a few items of high quality kit , and a novel or two . In this fashion if the Boogie Fever hits I can be on the street quickly without delay .

Well my son will be getting on a greyhound bus on the 17th of this month to come to GCSR, he will arrive in Flagstaff on the 20th. He has already mailed me 2 boxes that he didn't want to drag around all the bus stations.

1 box was real heavy so I asked him what was in...he told me video games. Damn, its heavy enough to have a small TV in the box too.


So at least aggie didn't put a Television or video games on his list.

Hey all, I like Aggie's list, it may look like alot but small things, easily packed. I learned from last year (had to fly and only what i could take on plane which mainly clothes, And even then learned took to many). Since last year was my first I surely learnt alot, lucky enough was the hr driver for employees and at wal mart 4 or 5 times a week, (in ways was bad and good,we also hit the thrift stores, so got a small coffee pot, radio, all cheap enough if i had to leave them wouldn't kill me, which i did leave.) Gonna be quite different this year going to Mt Rushmore and driving(s-10 W/cap) i get take my camping gear so many places things to see and do in SD, but still just neccessities, sm. tent, sleeping bag, n propane burner.. but anyhoo, gonna cut back on the clothes i take, figure take what i would normally wear at home and be done with it. Half the clothes I took last year i didn't wear. Have to prepared for cold and hot days. Taking enough of the personal hygiene items(I get from the $ store so don't have buy anything.) Most importantly my cameras, laptop, stamps, paper and pens. Was actually thinking of small fridge, microwave but learnt dorms have a nice kitchen w/all that (so long as no one likes my stuff more than me) if anyone has suggestions on that part of it let me know..Anyhoo, just my input on subject,, safe and happy trails to all
Hey Janice....thanks for the positive comment :-)  I'm taking a dorm fridge to Mesa Verde just 'cause I own one, and you never can have too many cold drinks in the middle of a desert!   We'll have a full size fridge in our place as well so looks like we'll have more than enough cooling capacity for the parties.  I think I'll put the fridge next to my bed so I got another place to leave my keys, change, old gum wrappers, and what not from my pockets.  That being said, now Sunni has another chance to tell me I don't need a TV tray (I'm bringin it).
I should think another look at the TV TRAY Dilemma is called for Aggie71 . What brand of tray ?  Materials composing said tray . Is the tray diverse  and PC in that it can adjust to different height ? Is the  tray decor offensive in any way ? Are there rubber bottoms on the feet to prevent floor scratches ?

Come clean Aggie71 and tell all
You make some excellent points Poli ... Div ... Scardude.  Might buy me some rubber grommets to protect the "rustic" floor in my next dorm .... the one thats been thrown up on about 100 times over the last few years.  Sorry I bought the really cheap TV tray at height adjustment (and I am way to cheap to get a fancier one).  As to wood type, ect.  it looks like some type of really cheap wood that is stained to look like "fine" cabinetry ... don't be fooled it is probably recycled cardboard made to look like really cheap wood.  At any rate I'm takin it .... assuming it hangs together for the truck ride up there.

Well, I'm with Aggie, bet I have the same one, takin it..Hope it goes with the dorm decor..Still looking for suggestions on communal fridge, how to keep my stuff (marking it in frigde , keeps your hands off or what) 



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