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What I'm in need of, is knowledge on how to survive with seasonal work
How do you keep it up, with the little money you earn? Do you work in national parks and pocket everything you earn without enjoying the park? 

This time, when I leave for this seasonal job my parents aren't letting me come back.. So I don't want to just do this job and hit a brick wall. I need to know how to stay on top of the game... what's the best way to get that next seasonal job? Is it all about timing, self image or just being a hard worker? I need your input and advice!

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thats mess up about your parents sound like my mother in law well anyway depends on where u are working at they should have an job fair towards the end of the season depends on the job u are doing and want to do for the winter be an good hard worker keep yourself out of trouble if your an troublemaker they will notice u first do the best job u can do tru to learn many things about the job save as much money as u can in case u have to fly to the next job or have to pay an deposit on housing keep looking at coolworks doing july augs and sept and if your place of work allow u to transfer to another property check into it
It is the type of job that keeps me going... I tend bar or wait tables. The tips make for a good income. In the seasonal world, if people aren't making tips they are underpaid. I wouldn't do seasonal if I didn't make tips simply because I would live in poverty with few, if any, benefits.
I have been doing this for several years and haven't had a problem getting the next gig. I have no "home" to go back to either. I usually call my job search my "homeless countdown", it adds some sense of urgency if it drops below 90 days.

What you spend is a big part of the equation. For myself, I have no no payment, no maintenance, no insurance payment. I don't smoke and have just a few alcoholic drinks...a year. I sometimes have a netflix membership, but that's my only monthly bill when I do. Because I have to carry most of my stuff with no car, I can fit everything into a large backpack and two smaller ones...if I buy something that means I have to lose something with similar size and weight. It cuts down on buying a lot of stuff.

I don't stick only with the few large national parks. They're nice, but they tend to have the lowest pay. More money is possible with seasonal work at other places. Ski resorts can be iffy as far as income goes depending on the weather.

Many times I'm also not near entry-level too, so my pay is a bit more than some. (Unless, like this summer, I find an opportunity that I have much less experience).


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