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Hi there, my name is Elizabeth and I'm 21 years old. This is my first time looking for seasonal work outside of Florida...I work in the restaurant industry. The winter is usually super busy around here... but come April/May it dies! I figured instead of staying around here looking for odd jobs all summer it'd be awesome to travel and try something new. I've applied at several different parks in the past few weeks, and I have yet to receive a response.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for getting a summer job in a national park. I would looooove to work at Grand Teton or Yellowstone. Should I call or e-mail? Also, do you all find it very difficult to get a seasonal job??

Thank you!!

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Elizabeth , welcome to the season work place . If you haven't already applied to different places start doing it now ! Try applying with the bigger companies in Yellowstone , for example , DNC , Xanterra , or even Grand Tetons lodge company . You need to apply this month as most of the companies here are hiring right no. After you have applied to any of these companies give them a week or so to call them back and follow up on them . Good luck searching !
I've applied to several places in the past few weeks, and I've called most of them to follow up. I left messages with a few, and then a few said that the process just takes a while. I'm beginning to get discouraged! Does it really take that long to hear back?? I have several years of restaurant and retail experience, so I didn't think it would be too difficult to find a job...

Thank you for your help :)
Hi Elizabeth, I applied to Grand Teton lodge company on Jan 6th and received a call from them today offering me a job. I applied to DNC Yellowstone general stores last week of December probably 30 or 31st and received a call from them on Jan 8th and had an interview and was offered a job right after we finished the interview. One of my references sent me a text letting me know Yellowstone called him and a couple hours later they called me for the interview. I already accepted the job in Yellowstone and my start date is April 12th to Nov 1st. So like Jeremy said give them about a week and then call to follow up with your application. The companies have a lot of positions to fill so you should be able to find a job with one of the parks. Good luck with your search.
i got calls from three places within an hour after posting about how discouraged i am... hahaha! yellowstone here i come!
i also have an interview for the grand canyon north rim... which do you guys think would be better?
Congrats on the interviews. I can't really answer the question cause I've never been to Yellowstone or north rim. This will be my first time in Yellowstone this summer. I know there's a couple of people who have worked both places like Brenda and I think Jeremy the guy that replied to your post before has too so they will offer better advice. It looks like there's a lot for employees to do in Yellowstone and the Yellowstone Co-Op Employee Recreation Program seems to offer a lot of activities too. What company and job did you get offered in Yellowstone?
dnc, old faithful general store associate... :)
Just wondering...You said you have restaurant experience. What did you do in the restaurant? If you have serving experience I would suggest you look at that if you can, the money will be way better. Just a suggestion. Good Luck!
Elizabeth , congrats on going with Yellowstone . I have worked at the North Rim. It was a great place to work , the co workers and managers where all great , but it wasn't my type of terrain per say . I enjoy Yellowstone way better my self as much others. Other bad thing about the North Rim is it isolated , nearest town is like 2 hours away . Any who , I'm also working with DNC in the warehouse department . What location did you get ? and congrats.


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