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Starting my fourth season this summer. Any Advice?

Hi everybody,


I'm starting my fourth seasonal job this summer. So far, I have spent seasons at:

Cottonwood Cove, Nevada
Northstar-at-Tahoe, California
Cedar Pass Lodge, South Dakota


I'm willing to answer any questions you may have about these locations. And I may ask you some questions depending on where you have spent time working. I'm shopping around now for the next location. I hope to hear from some of you.


~ Chris

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What type of work do you prefer to do, and is there a certain area where you would like to spend your summer? The coolworkers have been all over and can offer lots of advice.
The wife and I both have worked in front desk positions. We wouldn't mind the same or possibly retail. We would love to end up in the northwest this summer so we can wake up every morning to a view of the rockies.
your pretty tough to have dealt with the management at cottonwood cove. I've done a lot of seasonal work and couldn't deal with them.. Then again I was at the cafe, not the desk. Jason was an idiot in a management position
The turnover there is so bad that any employee you call out probably no longer works there. For example, I know no Jason.

Hey Chris, I would love to work in South Dakota, have app in for Cedar Pass, mailed it off in Dec. see they have there ad up now, So how is it to work there, managament, dorms, food etc. local area's you would recommend.. I have called the number but can't get through to HR any advice how to contact them to check on my app. Thanks


Hi Janice,


I suppose your experience at Cedar Pass Lodge will be relative to your comfort level. Which department are you applying for? I can give you more precise info instead of going through the whole experience. 

The dorms are basically old motel rooms; which I think is a good thing. I've has dorm rooms that were built specifically to house employees before, and I find them painfully minimal. But because these rooms were made to satisfy guests (at least to a certain level), they really aren't that bad. They're not rooms at the Hilton but I've seen a lot worse.

Feel free to e-mail me for any details I may not want to publicly post on this forum; and let me know what position you are looking at?

chris i worked at glacier park montana lake mcdonald i loved it check it out buddy be a waiter more money


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