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Well, for whatever reason it seems like I am to be on the sidelines this season.....It just isn't working out that I find a seasonal job.  I am in a way grateful as I have been here for my mom's surgery recovery, and then I was here to take her down to Mexico for several days for a recent dental emergency, and now I am going to be here for when our roof here in Phoenix is getting redone in another couple of weeks, and then it looks like I myself may be going down to Mexico for surgery not too far have my gallbladder out in Mexicali.  So who knows, maybe this is how it was meant to be....A side question I have though is if I wanted to apply for winter jobs - at ski resorts - when is the time to do so? I have gone to some websites for various resorts in Colorado and they seem to only be hiring for summer still, and I am not ready to hit the road just yet so that is not going to work.....Any advice is appreciated and hey, you folks out there, enjoy your season!!!!  45 Rob

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It's not quite the time for winter hiring. The very first opportunities are for the multi-property companies like Vail Resorts--they start to post winter-season openings in mid-August. Some job fairs occur as early as early September.

I wouldn't give up on the idea of summer employment just yet, though. Many students leave in August, but the properties stay open through September at least. You might be able to snag a job for the remainder of the season if you call a few companies--especially large ones, like DNC or (ugh) Xanterra--in August, especially if you tell them you're flexible about what kind of work, or what location if they have multiple properties.


kevin is right i know were loosing alot of servers in aug cause of school here in yellowstone the most of the ski resorts dont start hiring in aug i know copper mountain dont start till mid aug and someone told me today some of the vail resorts is starting to open there apps for the winter and another place is mammonth mountin is just started to look for people for the winter good luck

Hiring depends... Ski resorts Aug-Nov. Same here Rob... I'm sidelined this summer (first since 1999!) with surgeries to the feet and more. Age is creeping up...hopefully next summer will be productive...

This also my first "off" season since 2007. Been nice hanging out with the family. But I am now getting the itch. I need to hit the road :)


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