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Is anyone working at the Mckinley Chalet Resort this summer? I'd love to get to know some people before I head out there!

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i will be i will be!! im going to be working the front desk. did i see somewhere you were serving?? hopefully you will make lots of tips huh?? have you ever worked there?? id like to know what the housing and food is going to be like. i know they offer a veggie option every meal so thats cool to me!!
I won't be working at the Chalets, but I will be bar tending at the Salmon Bake. I'm glad you are excited to come up to Alaska. Denali is amazing place!
whens the official opening for the bake? Ah i miss that place i get back up there in 4 weeks!
the official opening is the 10th, I think. I have to be there the 8th and I think we open two days later.
I'm working at the Grande but I hear the Chalet is amazing! I'm sure you will have a BLAST!
That's good to hear! The Grande is close to Chalet right?
Yes, Kayla, the Grande is close to the Chalet. Everything in the Canyon is close to everything else. The Grande sits at the top of the hill on one end and the Chalets are across the street on the opposite end. All the stores and everything else are in between the two. It's only about a half or three quarters of a mile long.
theres a group denali 2009 that was just created I posted a pic of the "glitter gulch" on it
i will be the laundry supervisor there this year at denali this is my 2nd time there i was there in 07 was working at edr at spruce
Hi Kayla,

I've worked at the Grande the last two seasons, but I won't be this year. I'd be happy to give you some info about it and can also send you some photo's. Let me know. If you look at my pictures there is one of the Alpenglow Restaurant (if that's where you're working)
I have been there 5 or 6 summers now and due back May 9 I work at the Chalet Cafe. Make excellent money. Food is usually good and if you don't like what they are serving that day you have other choices. You can go to the village and eat at their EDR or go to the EDR at the old Park Hotel (now mainly for drivers) but will let you eat there as often as you want. They all serve different meals and you will soon learn where the best cooks are
i'll be at the mckinley resort. i'm so excited. i love the snow and people say it's so pretty up there.


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