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I'm looking for a summer job with housing that will allow pets. My cat is indoors and is an ESA so hopefully that will help the cause. I have experience in childcare as well as wildlife and environmental education. I was hoping for something in the Smoky Mountain Region. 

Any tips guys?

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Hi Hana! I'll be completely straight-forward: employee housing that allows pets isn't easy to find, especially if it's a seasonal position. It's not unheard of, it's just not especially common. In my experience, these are some of the situations that more frequently accommodate pets:

  • Camper / RV housing - Many employers have RV spaces so folks who own them can bring their housing with them. While there are generally rules surrounding where pets can be on property, most employers who offer RV housing allow for pets as long as they are contained 
  • Year Round opportunities - Many employers have private, apartment-style housing for their year-round staff, and they'll often have a different pet policy for these employees
  • Employers with private housing options - While the majority of seasonal employee housing is shared (dorms, shared apartments, etc.), some employers do have some private housing options, where employees have their own private living space, and these types of housing arrangements are more likely to accommodate for pets

Many of the employers on CoolWorks will indicate in their profiles whether or not pets are allowed, but if they don't, it certainly never hurts to ask by sending a quick note to their contact email.

As far as Smoky Mountain region jobs, keep a lookout on the site in the coming weeks, as employers looking to hire for their summer season typically start posting their opportunities just before or after the holidays. Here's a couple of places where you'll find opportunities in that area once the recruiting season kicks into full gear:

This article also has some great info on setting up saved searches so you can received notifications anytime a job is posted in a place your interested in working:

Best of luck on your search, and let us know if there's any other way we can help!


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