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Hey everyone! I am currently working at a job I hate so I am planning on jumping into seasonal work for the summer 2014 season. I spent seven years self employed with lots of time to travel and that fell apart about a year and a half ago so I took a job that keeps me in one place. It is not a lifestyle or a job I enjoy. I've been lurking on CoolWorks for years hemming and hawwing about trying out seasonal work and I've finally decided to do it. I just turned 48 two months ago, I have savings and no debt so now is good a time as any!

I have my sights set on Yellowstone for my first season and have applied to Xanterra already, but I have a few questions about how this all works in terms of looking for your next seasonal position. From reading the forum it seems that people generally apply at several places, wait for the offers to come in and then pick one. How many places  do you apply for any one season and how much time do they usually allow you to wait before making a decision once they've made you an offer? If you turn down an offer, do they hold it against you for other seasons? Or is it just expected that everyone does that? I am thinking about applying for some of the other concessionaires at Yellowstone as well such as YPSS and DNC and maybe other locations as well, such as Lake Powell or Grand Tetons.

I know most of the hiring kicks off in earnest in January. If I apply for positions now with various companies that have already started posting postions, how early in January would you make a phone call to HR?

Sorry for so many questions on my first post! :)

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Thanks for the tips Leo! I will definitely be covering my bases. There's plenty of places I'd love to go :)

I am also taking the leap into seasonal employment.  I have had an offer with Xanterra at Yellowstone and also at Grand Canyon.  I actually got to talk to a person at Yellowstone where as I got an email from Grand Canyon.  I got so much more information about Yellowstone.  Does anyone have any opinions about the Grand Canyon situation?  I would love to hear more about the housing and work environment.


Hi Gang,

i just received my hiring packet from Xanterra today. I'm going to be a Residence Coordinator at LYH from May 1st until Oct 10!

Thanks for all your help! 


Congrats Jennifer!!!

Does anyone know what the dorms are like in Shanandoah National Park?  I know DNC has had the contract there for about a year.

they r horrible 

i went there

saw dorms and left cause of them

rat feces was on my bed

but park just openeded

Thanks for the info.   When was that.  I heard that DNC was remodeling the dorms but dont know if they have done that yet.


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