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Has anyone worked or lived in Telluride? I applied for a lift operator job and was wondering if anybody knows anything about their employee housing, what its like to work for Telluride, or if its a fun place to live and meet new people?


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Haven't been to Telluride but have lived in Colorado in different places including ski resort areas.
It can be great fun and you can meet a lot of fun people, but also be forewarned that with Coloradoans themselves money and self come first and everyone else is second class citizenry and a tool to be used. Egos are big here and so are attitudes. Telluride, given its remoteness and being an ex hippie burg might be a welcome exception, but be ready for that at any rate.

I've heard this about Colorado, too.  Kind of like it's the stereotype of Texas without the drawl and with altitude and snow, but that the basics are the same.....


Telluride is an amazing place to work! Being in Lift Ops is like being in a small family where everyone gets along and there is no BS of any kind because everyone is very laid back and easy going. They have daily Lift Op meetings in the morning where you get to visit and socialize with co-workers until its time for the meeting and then you go off to the lifts for the day.

They either take you in a snowcat to your lift or you ski to your lift depending on what POD you are in. They also have a thing where they also take you by being pulled by a snowmobile like watersking except its on snow. The housing is great too, its right on the Mountain and at the bottom of Lift 1 and 10. Lift 10 is a 10 minute lift that goes two miles up the Mountain. Lift 1 is a chondola that has a gondla every 7 chairs or so and when you are new you can be placed in the swamp or other places.

Housing is a room to yourself which is pretty rare when it comes to employee housing and you pay $600 a month but you get $200 of it back because you are an employee of Telluride, its hard to get into housing once the resort opens so you have to look into it now if you are hired.

I just realized that this was posted on August 5, 2012 , ooppps, oh well someone in the future can see this and they can decide for themselves, the place is a great place to work in my opinion.

I lived and worked in Telluride. Telluride is an awesome place to meet new people and to live. Big Billies is where most of the lift operators and ticket checkers live. It is at the base of lift one. The gondola is your transportation. If you find a place in the town of Telluride. The gondola is your transportation and also the galloping goose bus service. I would also check on line for the Telluride Daily Planet. There are roommates wanted sometimes.


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