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I just have to say that I really am Thankful for this site and the many jobs that are posted on Cool Works. I started doing seasonal work back in April of 2010 being the Housing Manager at Custer State Park at State Game Lodge. It was a great summer and one of the best I have ever had, got to meet people from all over the country. Then that winter I got a job at Stratton Mountain and learned how to ski and five ski resorts later I am still working in the ski industry. If you need any advice about any of the resorts listed below feel free to drop me a note and I am happy to help when and where I can.

Custer State Park Resort - State Game Lodge - South Dakota (Housing Manager)

Stratton Mountain Ski Resort - Vermont (Rentals)

Pahaska Tepee - Wyoming (East Entrance of Yellowstone NP) (Gas Station Supervisor)

Deer Valley Ski Resort - Utah (Rentals)

Telluride Ski Resort - Colorado (Lift Operations)

Grand Teton Lodge Company - Wyoming (I was a Deckhand and Elk Wrangler)

Mount Rainier Guest Services (Retail at Paradise) Washington

Copper Mountain Ski Resort (Rentals/Retail and then over to Lift Ops) Colorado (Did two winters here)

Grand Canyon North Rim (Security and then Shuttle Driver)

Lutsen Resort, Minnesota (Wood & Garbage)

Big Sky Resort, Montana (Lift Operations) Two winters and One Summer

Yellowstone Club, Montana (Lift Operations) Neighbor of Big Sky

So if you ever need any info or advice on any of those places I am happy to help. Good luck

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Thanks for sharing, Jason! Nothing makes our day more than hearing from folks who have had great experiences through opportunities they found on CoolWorks. A lot of us on the CoolWorks team worked seasonal jobs in Great Places ourselves, and a few of us (myself included) found our first seasonal job on CoolWorks! I worked at Signal Mountain Lodge in the Tetons for 5 years, just up the road from Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter Bay (I'm guessing you were at Colter since you worked as a deckhand). So, we really appreciate and love hearing others' stories about their experiences. Thanks again, and I hope folks out there will hit you up for info and advice!

Jason- What are your thoughts about working at Rainier & Big Sky? I see that they have a lot of openings.



Mt Rainier is very cool place to work and when I was there I wasn't that into the job but I am going back this upcoming summer to be a shuttle driver which I am looking forward to.

Big Sky is a very cool place, housing can be hard to come by if you don't get employee housing but working at Big Sky for a winter or a summer is pretty fun. So much hiking in the area and the landscape is amazing.

Ok, thanks for the info. I saw the shuttle job at Rainier and thought about applying. Pretty funny. Good luck. I wondered how that would be driving in the mountains and a place I have never been to before. I saw their security job but not sure if I can be on my feet that long each day, not young any more. Am looking for driving or shuttle jobs but needs to be a good fit,

Thanks again,


I am guessing that they have more than one position for the shuttle driving at Mt Rainier. You should go for it. That area is so amazing and the hiking is pure Epic. All the waterfalls and the features of the landscape is awesome. If you don't apply and give it a shot you will never know.


I noticed that you also had a shuttle job at the north rim and will again at Mt. Rainier. Can you tell me a bit what those jobs are like? I don't know how that would be driving around mt roads I have no experience with. Also, any night time driving as well as are the vans stick or automatic. Things like that. 

Thanks for your time.


The job at Mt Rainier will be driving employees to different work locations throughout the one side of the park as well as transporting laundry and stock and supplies to the different locations along the way. The roads are mountains roads and its in a rainforest atmosphere as well so you have to deal with rain and different conditions. The vehicle I am guessing will be automatic since most of the vans are that way.

The job at the North Rim was just doing a figure eight ad picking up employees and taking them from the dorm area and taking them to work areas as well and it was a constant loop all day long. I would listen to my music which made it way more interesting.

Once in awhile you would help out the recreational activities guy and help take employees to other National Parks and town runs which were pretty cool as well.

I enjoy the driving jobs because I have always enjoyed driving.

Hi Jason-

Thanks for your reply and helpful information. I have issues driving at night, so would that more or less interfere with a shuttle job? I like to drive as well. I have drove my car in the mountains out east and in Colorado but that was in my car and when younger. I have a hip issue I need to get checked out so not sure about that. Do these jobs get picked up quickly and are there some that come up at various timeduring the season?

Thanks, Mike

I think if you just talk to them about the issues that you have they would schedule you to work days or something along those lines.

I know that from most places that I have applied that driving jobs tend to get filled up fast because they are good jobs but I am guessing that some can open up during the season as well. You just have to apply and go from there.

ok, thanks so much for your insights.


I start at the North Rim in August and would like to know when you worked there and what you thought of the housing facilities?



North Rim is pretty cool place to work and live. The food is really good and they have some very good EDR cooks that cook the food as well. The housing is pretty spacious and you will have a roommate which is okay but you have enough room that its really not that bad.

They also have lots of recreational activities that you can do and when I worked there I would help out with the driving and we went to Bryce Canyon National Park. Zion National Park and a few other places so you have a chance to go other places if they have a decent Activities person.

They are always people hanging out playing Volleyball or taking night hikes in the area. People are very social and treat each other like family once you get to know each other. They have a bar in the same building where the EDR is at, they have a pool table, large screen TV's. They have some computers that you can use that have access to the Internet.

Why such a late start date?

I worked there for like two months from May 2014 to August 2014. I would go back if I got like a shuttle driving job with them but that job goes pretty quickly these days.


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