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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Seasonal Work

I have been telling people that maybe in 2014, I'll finally be able to afford health insurance with the exchanges.  There was most likely a seasonal work clause.  But I recently found out that the healthcare law is defining the seasonal employment exemption at 120 days or less.  Meaning that if a company has more than 50 employees it can face penalties if it does not offer affordable healthcare insurance.

There are many seasonal employers that are under the 50 threshold, but also many that have significantly greater than that level.  Summer in Alaska is about that long, ski resorts in winter tend to be a little longer, but most summer seasonal in the lower 48 is definitely longer (May-Oct).

How will this affect seasonal work?  Will those employers that are just over the 120 days shave the excess off?  The lack of insurance is sometimes a determing factor for those that decide not to work these jobs and will these people be more likely to seek seasonal opportunities?

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Sunni ... I have pre-existing conditions insurance through the government.  I got this 6 months after my Cobra benefits expired.  It could be an alternative for you too if you have ever been denied insurance for a pre-existing condition.  Of course beginning in 2014 all insurance companies must provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.  In my opinion people over 50 with any sort of net worth cannot afford NOT to have insurance.   If you get seriously ill the medical charges will completely wipe you out financially. 

It's a big issue for every working adult and the small business owner in particular. I'm personally a fan of every working adult to have access to medical care no matter how many hours they work for an employer. The new changes as I understood them would state that 32 hours a week is the minimum for the employee to get insurance or the employer would have a penalty per employee. It's really sad that employers have to the forced to do this. I've gone without insurance and now have full coverage and know that I'm lucky compared to most. I really liked that report on the wendy's restaurants in Omaha, NE cutting hours to 28 hours a week to employees so the business wouldn't have to pay for benefits for hourly employees. I don't blame Wendy's; just the owners of the 11 locations in the Omaha metro. This story will be played out many times over for the next 2 years while working adults just don't get the medical care that they need. I don't really think that it has a big impact on the seasonal world for the employees due to the work locations and the short work period of most of the contracts. I've worked at few very remote locations and the biggest challenge as far as medical care was getting to it really. Anyhow, just a few of my ideas and I still believe that the law will help more than it will hurt for sure.

it would be nice if i could actually get insurance this summer while im sure i dont need it i know im not unbreakable 

I'm under my parent's insurance until I am 25 years old...if you are the right age, try to stay on their insurance...if not, I don't know.


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