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The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "ObamaCare", and how it affects seasonal workers like us...

I've a particularly interesting difficulty with the ACA, otherwise being referred to as "ObamaCare"....
I have been working as a seasonal Chef/Cook at a variety of resorts, ranches, tourist towns, & restaurants all around the country for the past 5 years, with more opportunities and travel to come...usually 5 months here and 6 months there...As such, I live in employee housing all the time, and usually rent-a-room in other places during the normal 4-6 week down time between seasons...
Because I chose to go where the jobs and money are rather than staying in one place for an extended period with the real possibility of becoming homeless and on the street besides being unemployed (been there & done that), I do not actually have a place to call "home", thus my difficulty:
So, just what do I put down for a "home" state in which to register? The different insurance plans being offered differ in both plan choices and costs based upon the State in which you live [for instance, Wyoming only has 2 choices, and NY has many, many more than that]...Also, if I'm in Florida (which I currently am) am I able to go onto the NY website to register there, or some other States'?

PLEASE, DO NOT ANSWER WITH A SCREED AGAINST THE ACA, as it is entirely counterproductive and doesn't answer the questions I have posed above. If you don't know, than either just say you don't know what the answer is or BE all know who you are, and believe me you've made your OPINIONS abundantly clear on the subject and DO NOT NEED TO REPEAT YOURSELF OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AD NAUSEUM!!!

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First, the simpler one to answer.  All insurances are state-based.  So no you cannot go to another state's site to register.  It could be possible if you had an address in that state...but really it doesn't make much sense.  The only care you would be able to receive in a state other than which it is purchased is for truly emergency care.  And the insurance company could possibly have a case not to pay that if they discover you have essentially moved.  For example, auto insurance companies have denied coverage for building contractors that have worked for a significant amount of time away from their home base without notifying, and possibly having different + or - rates.  Some companies have a set amount of time, some say if you have time to receive anything in the mail, you had time to make the change.

So does that mean we have to make policy changes frequently?  Maybe.  And this first year it may be even more difficult to know.

Second, the ACA defines seasonal work as at most 120 days per year.  Like you have mentioned, most of the jobs are in the 5 to 6 month range.  Which is significantly greater than 120 days.  It used to be the same year, but now they have until 2015.  These companies, if they have 50 or more employees, will have the choice to have affordable insurance plans through the workplace or to face the penalties.  It is quite possible that some of these companies will begin to have insurance plans.

You've been around for awhile.  I am assuming you have noticed the difference in the qualities that employers would prefer.  Currently, they have an even playing ground with almost no one having insurance, so they tend to have an equal amount of quality employees.  Questions to be answered.... Will the higher quality employees gravitate towards those companies that offer insurance (instead of going through the hassle of switching their own)? If that happens, will those companies that originally choose to take the penalty (and lower quality employees and growing penalties) keep their stance or find insurance?  Insurance companies do have a built in incentive to work with companies rather than 1000s of individuals.

wow, I've never thought of it that way. Then again I have a home address I've been using for 13 years. I'm gonna have to look into this.

Mr. Bond...yes I am, now in Ocala, FL at a cousin's home, helping with his online business for the moment...out in the boonies, not near anything at all, of course...


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