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I am the newest one probably having the same questions.  But, how nice to have a forum such as this. Those who have been there.  I am single and age wise not a kid.  That might help ?

On my way to the "WANT" of Seasonal Employment.  I am thinking first of Alaska.  I have a cousin who lives in Anchorage and I have been once. Loved it and wanted more !  I am a veteran of tour excursions.  I was a destination representative for 300 passengers a week in Cancun for 9 years in the 80s.  Then on to "Hello Florida" meet and great for cruise line passengers...then escorting motorcoach trips all over the US.   I have a full time real job...but am able to take off.  I am ready for May until Sept in the seasonal employment in beautiful places.

Suggestions how to start ?  Most of the posts I have seen about Alaska..let you know you need to find your own housing. Mostly in Anchorage.  Where do you start with that.  Should you apply to the Cruise lines or private resorts ?

Wyoming.  I love the thought of working in the Grand Tetons.  Who has worked where and what are your thoughts.   Places as far as accommodations, meals etc. Work and time off ?

I am open to anything and everything.  Has anyone else worked some where in the US that they are keeping a secret but thought the best place they ever worked ??

Thank You...MW

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It might be hard for you to get on the cruise lines up there if you don't have your coast guard credential like (twic card and mmc card ) You can try though.  Denali national park or Yellow stone to name a few. Try to get a references letter from current job or previous  that helps allot , Renumber your results may very too. 

Forever Resorts out in Big Bend National Park offers $3 meals per day, dorm living with one other roomie and rent is very affordable.  Yellowstone is very cool however most parks are limited for space and housing can be great for some and awful for others.  If you like your own space the large concessionaires will NOT offer a private room unless you are the GM or HR director. Newbies are put into rooms with everyone else so you may have someone close to your age or a large age difference. 

Location is it for most people so if they are there for the beautiful place they will put up with the living quarters.   You have to ask a host of questions to these employers otherwise it is Russian Roulette with the housing. 

Remember, you are there to work not to play, for play is on the side and work is why they hired you.   Even though it is a stunning area the employers hired you to work and most people who go to these places forget this rule.   

Private resorts will pay more money than any concessionaire and in most cases have much better housing......................but...............depending on the property values, rules and restrictions etc many private properties DO NOT have an HR department.  Their rules of conduct are very different to the concessionaires, some a great but many are not because their primary focus is to make money throughout their busy season so everyone there is considered equal.   Many people just unload in the summer months with parties everyday because they were in school the entire year so this is their time to let loose.   Some private properties will strictly enforce rules of conduct others are very laid back.  

It all comes down to your standards.  If your standards are high there are some properties that offer a great work environment, decent housing, great pay, a professional environment..   Others are lacking in all areas mentioned here. 

The job market is a tough place at the moment and with so many people out there looking for work well many concessionaires are hiring J1,J2 and H2Bs for the summer because they are harder, smarter workers than the pool or residents in this country.


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