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     I have begun packing for my summer position at Old Faithful Inn. I have roughly 2 weeks until check in (may 8th) and am curious about what to expect for housing, off-work activities, and overall community life. All information i seemed to come across is a few years old so i'm hoping someone who has been there recently or is currently there can give me an employee point of view on living at Old Faithful. Anyone feel free to add me or shoot me a message, looking forward to making new friends and memories!

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Hey Zach. I am checking in for my first season at Old Faithful on May 2. I am going to be bussing in the Dining Room. How about you?

I have been told that we will be very busy and most of the employees are college age/20s. So far I have worked at a year round property and a seasonal property and it seems like there was a stronger community at the seasonal property...but just my guess!

I will try to come back here and post after orientation if no one else does!

Thanks for the reply Elizabeth! 

I will be working as Room Attendant at Old Faithful Inn. Thanks for your input and hope to hear more and stay in touch.

there's a mix of all ages here   this is one of the busiest location  next to mammoth and canyon  


Congrats on getting a job in Yellowstone National Park working at the Old Faithful Inn! Get ready to have the summer adventure of a lifetime!



Hey Zach,

This will be my third summer at Old Filthy though all mine have been with the more conservative Delaware North Companies so it's a slightly different experience. We all have a shared employee pub and rec hall and there's always stuff going on somewhere. I feel like a summer in Yellowstone can be whatever you want it to be: endless debauchery, spiritual, anti-social, adventurous, etc. It's really all up to what you want to do with it. Old Faithful has so many people that you can find a niche (some are smaller than others) pretty easily. I hope you enjoy your summer and all that Yellowstone has to offer!

Thanks Tyler, that brightened my day! I'm not one to just sit around, i always like to be doing something so i hope to have an eventful summer. Last summer i worked at a small place called Yellowstone Valley Inn and there was nothing to do when not at work but sit in the bar or sit in your room, i did have a roommate from Ukraine and that was exciting lol. when you have time off is usually just a day or two at a time?

Yeah man, you'll be fine out there. There's probably 2,000+ employees at Old Faithful alone and plenty of stuff to do. The pub has a couple pool tables and darts and even a corn hole board. They do a pub party once a month and Xanterra payday there's always a bar rush. The Bear Pit (in the Inn) and the Firehole (in the Snow Lodge) are also good places to grab a drink with both employees and tourons. The rec hall has a full court basketball court and some free weights and a treadmill/elliptical or two. They do movie nights and organize hikes and rafting trips and all sorts of stuff. If you're religious, there's always services on Sundays and I think they do outings as well. Either way, you'll have a great time if you want to.

As for days off, DNC does 5 days of work with the same 2 days off each week. Xanterra is pretty similar I believe...though with all the cleansings throughout the summer, your days off might be switched around a time or two.

hiya zach

i'll be checking in on may 1 for OFI. i am also a room attendant,so after a week i think i'll be able to give you a heads up on whats cookin in the cleaning!

looking forward to meeting you


awesome, so you're arriving a week before me only, i'm sure we'll be seeing eachother then lol

plenty of things to do ( trails to hike , wildlife viewing , fly fishing ) the employee pub for that location has some great grub there ( my favorites is the pizza and nachos ) , meet co-workers from all over the globe , there are talks by Park Rangers , Sunday Services ( by the ACMNP ) , and different things to do at the employee rec. center ( besides the occasional trips for employees ) . mostly , Have fun and enjoy the season out there !

Thanks for the recomendation, i'll be having the pizza and nachos asap after arriving lol. 

Unpacked and checked in with a slight change, was asked if i would move to Lake instead of Old Faithful for some reason and took the offer, can't wait until things start to open up and more people show up. 


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