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I worked here last season and was highly dissatisfied with the work environment, management, and compensation. Although the position includes benefits such as free ski rentals and pass, the salary is incredibly low for the amount of hours (it is a monthly salary and hours are not clocked) and you can receive a free pass and discounted rentals by working any job at the Winter Park resort. As for room and board, the food is awful and the staff quarters were moved from room to room during the season to accommodate the lodge’s needs.

As an employee at the Timberhouse, your daily duties are to serve guests both breakfast and dinner, wash dishes, and do all housekeeping chores (cleaning all rooms and all common areas of the lodge). This is a great amount of work for a small staff, and to make matters worse, the staff manager treated us with constant disrespect and criticism. We were also told the work schedule was six days/week, but we often worked 10-14 days in a row without a day off. This created a high stress workplace and many unhappy employees. The general manager did little to change this, and numerous employees left shortly after arriving at the ski lodge. Only a few of us remained until the end of the season for the bonus (which was not worth it).

Winter Park is an awesome resort to spend your winter at, and I highly recommend looking for a job at the mountain or in town, but save yourself a season of unhappy employment and skip the Timberhouse. If you have any further questions about the Winter Park resort or town, feel free to message me, I’ve been living here about a year now and am happy to answer anything! : )

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More important things are in bold if you want to skim and not read the whole rant.
I have been at TimberHouse for eight days and all of this sounds about right.

My best friend is coming from out of the country to see ME for ONLY THREE days and I am not allowed to have them. I can have my one scheduled day off that week and one extra day. Although she is totally fine with having me work 12 days in a row as soon as I get here, she is not okay with letting me trade my off-day for that week and work the next week (which is essentially what happened after it had been posted I was only supposed to work seven days and then she replaced the schedule, making it twelve days between when I got here and my first day off).
There is a rule where you can have up to four days if there is a wedding or a funeral. It so happens, I have a family friend getting married who cannot afford a photographer so I have been asked to help her. I brought this up, but she didn't care (immediate family only I suppose). I have been trying to reach a compromise but she is in no way interested in discussing the matter and instead stormed off saying "I can't talk to you right now!"

So far, they have made four changes to my schedule either to make me clean bathrooms three days in a row or do dishes four days in a row (things you are only supposed to do every other day).

I was recently sat down to have all the things I'm doing wrong explained to me. They don't seem to believe in positive feedback and I have become very defensive whenever I am spoken to. One day, I spent twenty minutes cleaning a bathroom and forgot to fold the toilet paper and there was a little bit of soap on the bottle. She said "It looks like this place hasn't been cleaned at all!" I, of course took offense to this as I had spent a while doing exactly what I had been told to do (scrubbing every inch of the sink, toilet, bathtub, mirror, counters and floor with rags by hand with). I said something like "It has been cleaned, I scrubbed everything down like you asked." and she said "No, the correct answer is: 'I will fix that'."

The other staff here are super great. The food has improved significantly since the last post here. Our current chef is amazing. I don't know what the end of season bonus looks like. I was told that if you stay the whole season it is over 2 grand. Seems unlikely to me.

Terrible idea for someone who doesn't know how to ski or snowboard. But if you're someone who loves the sport: As long as you suck up, don't get your hopes up, don't expect tips and don't have a life outside of this place, and are okay with walking to the slopes with your gear, you'll do fine and get to go to the mountain for free everyday from around 11:30 to whenever the mountain closes (unless you have tea time, then you have to be back by 3 to be ready by 3:30 so you can wait around and do nothing for an hour and a half).

Hello sarina- my name is Ethan! I was hired at TimberHouse- and based of the employee reviews it doesent seem right:/ 10-14 days in a row? I feel like it's in their agreement for 1 day off. I guess I would like to just know a little more- I really want to get out there for some good fun and work!

The best jobs when you work at a Ski Area is on the mountain itself, like in Lift Operations, Ski School, Ski Patrol (EMT Training needed) or Rental Shop. Those are always the best jobs on the Mountain. Some places you don't even know how to ski to be in ski school, they will teach you how to ski or snowboard and then they will teach you how to teach skiing or snowboarding. Just my opinion. 

Agreed. Even if you don't know how to ski or ride I would avoid the Timberhouse at all costs and try to get a job at the mountain or in town, and look early, because jobs fill up quickly and so does housing. I spent an amazing four years in Grand County Colorado and I can't believe I wasted a whole winter at the Timberhouse. If you want real numbers, they pay $500/month BEFORE taxes (which they lied to me about on the phone during the interview) and in no way does the free room and board compensate for this, especially with unprofessional and condescending attitudes of the managers and general poor quality of life and stress you have to deal with. The bonus at the end of the season was around $1400, but this was only after MOST of the hired staff had quit and forfeited their portions of the bonus, meaning it doesn't get much better than that. Truly awful experience, like I said Winter Park and Grand County are awesome, just avoid the Timberhouse!

Also sorry I never responded earlier, did your winter go with them if you did end up there? And yeah it says one day off in the contract but they know you can't do anything about them over scheduling you since you live there and trust me they will do it.

They pay $500 a month before taxes? That would mean you would get paid like $3 an hour to work at that place? That is insane. Slave labor at its finest.

Lol yup I was desperate to get out to the mountains and it worked, but completely slave labor. I've thought about reporting it but it's not really worth my time, I just try to warn others. If I did report it they would argue that the free room and board plus the bonus average out to minimum wage but it doesn't, not even close.

That is so crazy and I have never even heard of that even with free room and board a company paying people so badly. That is insane. I have been really lucky working the places that I have worked where they have never tried to get over me like that. Wow


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