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anyone have bad experiences with tip sharing

i worked at yellowstone a few yrs back. On my way home, on the plane, i  sat next to a room attendant. He was from Russia and told me if he saw a tip, he never handed it in to the manager like he was suppose to. He told me everybody did this. 

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When I worked in Yellowstone my roomate was a housekeeper from the Czech Republic. She said the manager always took the tips out of the rooms and claimed there weren't any. He was just keeping them for himself even though the poor room attendants did all the work. However I can't speak for all locations, but I'm sure there is plenty of shady things going on

This is the biggest problem, I think room attendants have. I do not agree with tip sharing

In the Food and Beverage department, it is hard to argue against the tip sharing format because without dishwashers to clean the dishes in a timely manner, you are waiting for dishes.... Can't get a good review if the cooks mess up food orders.... You can't even get guests seated fast enough if the dishes tables aren't bussed fast enough. If servers want to clean tables, wash dishes and cook their own food, they can get the full tip then... Deal? LOL! I didn't think so....




your right

i was thinking more of tip sharing like when a boss holds u tips until end of season or housekeepers. Say your a housekeeper and u do tip sharing and you find a 20.00 tip

do you hand it in to your boss knowing others don't?

things like that

Oh ok..... I agree about the tip sharing in the house keeping department.....

Just remember cooks and dishwashers make a way better salary then servers. 


True, but servers choose to be servers at that lower wage because there is way more money in tips..... This doesn't mean they are entitled to 100% of the tips because again, unless they are going to wash the dishes, cook the food and bus the tables, all by themselves, they needed all these people to be able to receive that tip which is more than all these workers make for an hourly wage.



That is correct. If cooks and dishwashers want to make money they should of applied for server.  That is why I like the diner in canyon store, If they are good and fast cooks I will tip them out but nobody makes us, the tips are all ours and we earn every penny of it.

when i work in denali  as a prep cook ar cabin nite we got tips every night it  was something they didnt have to do but did   it was nice having that 


It is good the servers showed their appreciation by doing that because they know they wouldn't have been tipped as good had the food not been prepared as well....


The same could be said about servers. If they want more money, take another job, but they chose to be servers where they don't have to do dirty work like wash dishes, cook food, or even have to bus their own tables. If they don't  like the fact they have to do tip sharing, don't be servers......

Without the bussers to clean the tables, guests would wait for the servers to get around to clean tables for them to sit. Without dishwashers, servers wouldn't have clean dishes for guests to use. Without the cooks, guests wouldn't be at the restaurant in the first place.....

At the canyon diner we are not allowed by DNC rules to tip anyone out.  We have to tip them under the table because of this rule. In a 5 month summer a server can make 10-15 THOUSAND if the business is there and they are very fast. Can you tell me of any other job in the park that pays that amount. At the diner we do all our own bussing and serving, only the supervisors can help us.

It is different with xanterra but when DNC gets the contract from them and in my opinion only! then the rules will change and then they will probally start the tip sharing.

I know a server at old faithful diner with DNC and he has been there 10 years and they do just as well in that store also.


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