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anyone have bad experiences with tip sharing

i worked at yellowstone a few yrs back. On my way home, on the plane, i  sat next to a room attendant. He was from Russia and told me if he saw a tip, he never handed it in to the manager like he was suppose to. He told me everybody did this. 

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True, but the said can be said about servers.... Feel the cooks, bussers and dishwashers are getting unfairly tipped even though they do all the dirty work, servers should apply for these jobs instead of being server. Servers get a moajority of the tips, but have no place to complain since they don't actually do any dirty work.

I have a sister who has been serving for over 20 years who concede the fact that without the bussers, dishwashers and cooks, she wouldn't make nearly as much money, so she doesn't have an issue with giving these people a small slice of the tips..... Thank goodness people who see that logic dettermine the tip sharing in Yellowstone and other National Parks and resorts.

As far as DNC goes, it is good they make their servers bus their own tables which makes sense there wouldn't be a need to tip a busser. They should however make those servers wash their own dishes and cook their own food if they have a problem recognizing the hard work of the cooks and dishwashers who if a big reason patrons come to that establishment. Good food and the expectation the food is cooked, and served on clean equipment ie pans, plates, glasses and silverware.

Since they are diners everything is done in disposables, and recycled:))


Housekeeping is another story. The issue with that is, if people have a guest that is known for tipping well, all the housekeepers would want to clean their room. On the other hand if there is a guest that is known for never tipping or say leaving $1 like people would want to avoid cleaning their room.

Housekeepers work their buts off, but the moral would be low if people either worked their buts off but always cleaned rooms for people who didn't tip while they see others getting countless tips.

I agree that it is crappy that a few dishonest people mess it up but not putting their tips in the tip pool. However, there is a problem with this with servers and bussers as well. I worked with a server when I was a host in the Tetons who is infamous for this. She either tipped less thann what she was supposed to, or didn't tip at all. It got to the point were bussers refused to work in her section.

She learned real quick and was brought into the managers office for multiple warning but didn't get the clue until her final warning this was unacceptable. When bussers get to the point where they see their friends making good money and they make good money working with every server but a person like this lady, they won't want to work with them.

Bottom line is people who don't do their best job because they are fustrated with these tipping scenarios, ruins the guest satisfaction and companies want to avoid that at all costs. Therefore, tipsharing is in place to ensure employees are enthused about doing there low paying jobs because they know they can suppliment their incomes with tips.



I agree that bussers etc should be tipped out by servers. However I am VERY against servers pooling tips with other SERVERS. I have worked with some of the laziest and rude servers in my life (in Vegas) so why should we get equal amounts when I made 200 dollars and they made 50 for the night. That being said I have also had bad nights when other servers have had great nights.. so why should they give me their money when I didn't earn it.

Another pet peeve of mine is when servers complain about their tips in front of dishwashers and cooks. Although we may not have had the best night.. we still made way more than the kitchen staff and its rude. I remember when I was an assistant manager making 9 dollars an hour and a server would come in saying "I only made 100 dollars this shift it sucks" lol.. so now I try to make sure I keep how much I make quiet so I don't make anyone feel bad

Oh and as for housekeeping tips whenever my family tips the housekeepers we always leave it at the front desk.. because who knows if we had the same housekeeper all week long..and then on the last day we are there it happens to be their day off and the new housekeeper gets the tip we left in the room. I'd say housekeeping tips are the most unfair and I wish there was a better way of doing it

Well put Marin. I agree with the pool tip sharing amongst servers. I am glad you recognize the need for the kitchen staff to be reward even with a small percent of the servers tips. Your insight on this subject and the need for servers not to brag about even bad nights in front of kitchen staff is very insightful.
When working at Disney in Florida as housekeeper. I was making very good tips working part time. I consider Yellowstone be the same with good tips more often. High end lodges hotels.
I currently work at a restaurant that has tip sharing. The FOH crew is broken down as follows; Captain, Mid-Waiter, Runner and Back-Waiter. Each getting a percentage of the tips and your postion depends on how much your percentage is. Back-Waiter gets the least percentage (they clear the tables), but are also the ones that see the cash on the table. So it is not surprising when a few bucks go into a pocket here and there. We do the best we can with catching the bad eggs in a crew, but we'll never be certain of all of them.doing the right thing personally is the only that can be done in most cases. On a side note, I turned in a $1000.00 Fendi watch to a customer service girl at a grocery store. It probably didn't make it back to the owner, but I did my part....


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