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Hello all!

My husband and I are new to the site and really have lots of questions but first things first.  

We are hoping to retire no later than next June (that is June of 2016) when we will both be on Medicare.  We live in Montana so would like to work the Park systems, not only here but also in Alaska and maybe south during the winter.  We have a small Airstream that would be perfect to live in while working.  Just need some guidance on get going on this adventure.  

First we are wondering if there is any help/forums on how to work up our resumes.  It is not that we haven't done this before but it was for our specific field of experience.  We have questions like what are the different Parks looking for in a resume?  They will obviously know our age bracket...that is a given, eh?  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Second, if we prepare our resumes now and identify more than one location that might work, should we wait until closer to the time when we will be available or should we get started on those areas now?

We have tons more questions but don't want to hit with too many at once!  

Look forward to replies!  Thanks so much!

David & Jo

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Hi David & Jo - That's exciting!  You've come to the right place for tips to get going on the seasonal lifestyle.

Here is a list of items already posted on this site by searching for "resume tips" in the search box at the top right.  The posts should start you in the right direction. suggest, and I'm sure other will too, that the best way to plan for next year is to start looking at the employers listed in the parks you want to travel to and work in.  You can search by National Parks from this page of our site -

Best of luck and ask away!


Thanks so much Kari!  I will let you know how we do and will continue to follow on this site.  It is all so exciting for us...and a wee bit scary but can't wait to get started!



You're welcome! :-)

Good morning, D &J!  You are a month in on this request and have likely moved on beyond any concerns you have.  I do, however, want to encourage you and say you are on the way to some wonderful adventures.  I too am a retired older and bolder with a summer season under my belt, wonderful times with new friends to show for it.   Wherever you end up, I hope you have such fun and grand adventures that you relish a quiet fall!  Happy trails!  Betty Jane 

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement Betty!  We are still in the "planning" phase...not sure just where to start or how but will figure it out, eh?  I am hoping that we will have our first grand adventure next summer so that will give us the winter to put everything together.  

Any advise is welcome!


D & J

Having a resume is a good idea in the seasonal world, but nothing to really stress about.  Most of the time it would be a secondary tool.  Think more of a seasonal job position instead of this is a career move.  Many employers are just going to make that decision from their application form.  Some of those forms have a place where you can attach a resume.  Sometimes I send one a little later with a "I couldn't fit all this information in the little area" email.

There are some places that do have a more open hiring "Tell Us About..." process.  It's nice to have that resume ready...but for the most part the targeted cover letter is usually as important for these employers.  Usually these are opportunities are in the non-park seasonal category, smallish, and less likely to have RV hookups.

David and Jo, my husband and I want to do the same thing. just getting started in the process. We volunteered in ROcky mountain National park with the elk bugle brigade and loved it when we lived out there. we are hoping to travel and work in the park system also.....Looking forward to any replies!

Hi there!  I started last year working seasonal job and absolutely had an amazing can start applying for positions for summer of 2016 if that's when you want to start and let them know your start dates......and keep an eye on openings throughout the summer....from my one experience.......they hire all summer long to replace employees that leave for whatever reason mid season...and working the last part of a season will give you a great idea of how it works and how you like it.  They love us older employees because we have skills and don't do all the partying that a lot of the younger crowd does so age isn't an issue.

Thanks so much for the note Gail!  What kind of position did you have?  I would love to hear more!  We want to start putting feelers out now and see what we are offered!  I wonder if there is any way to private message each other?  

Friends on the My CW network can send each other messages. :-)

Good luck with the job search, David and Jo! More employers are coming back to the site each day.


Thanks Kari!  I will make sure and keep you posted on our search!  Glad to hear that there are employers out there that like us "older and wiser" souls!

I worked at the Grand Canyon North Rim in the accounting department....I will try and message you thru coolworks.


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