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For those who have worked in Yellowstone before even if it was years ago, could y'all please give me an idea of what to expect on check-in day? Even if it was years ago that you worked there please put your input. Please from people who have actually worked there before. I know we catch the bus in Bozeman and drive to Gardiner but what happens after that? Do we actually have to start working that very day or do we get a day to move in and unpack before we actually report to our assigned jobs?

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I had the same question. The packet really didn't explain much. I am starting my trek west in 3 weeks. I have to be in Gardiner on the morning of the April 27th. I'll relate what happens to me so you'll know when you arrive in May....

Thanks. I already have to fly by myself for the first time and I've only been on a plane three times in my life so I'm already nervous about that. It would be nice if I could at least know how check-in day is going to work so I can be less worried...

99% of the time you do not work the day you arrive, you are too busy moving in and finding your way around.  The nice thing about the employee bus is you'll meet people you'll spend the day with right off the bat.  Also, they take you exactly where you need to be and when, and most of the drivers will point things out along the way, especially if you have questions.

After orientation in Mammoth, the bus will take you to personnel in the location you are working in (unless you are training in Mammoth) and you will get your dorm room, and an explanation of where the important stuff is at (Employee Dining Room-EDR), the office for your department, etc.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  I can guarantee no one will mind.  Have fun!

Don't worry about the process of getting there or checking in. The flight should be very enjoyable and scenic, as will the bus ride to Gardiner/Mammoth. You'll spend several hours waiting in line and filling in paperwork. then, you'll be bused to your work location and check into your dorm. Very unlikely that you'll be working that first day--it takes all day just to process you and for you to get settled.

Actually, you're apprehensive about the wrong part of the process. Where the danger lies is in your housing and work assignments. Some dorms are much worse than others. And of course, your roommate(s) could be anything from great to horrible. Your job could likewise range anywhere from interesting to tedious in the extreme, from easy to stressful and strenuous, and your boss could be a saint or a bastard. Also, be prepared to work anywhere from 24 to 72 hours in the week, especially during the chaos of the early season. (Food service employees, in particular, are often forced to work 12-hour days, while only getting paid for 8, aka the infamous "split shift.")

Don't expect things to be run well, or even competently. Don't expect your work instructions and procedures to make sense. The opening of the season is always one giant shakedown cruise, and stuff gets screwed up as more the rule than the exception.

The good news is that if you can survive the chaos of the first few weeks, you'll have a great time, at least on your day off. Just discard any expectations, good or bad, that you may have. It won't be anything like what you're expecting.

I am pretty sure I will be able to handle it the work part. I have worked in fast food before and I'm used to chaotic 12 hour days and confusing procedures. Thank you for the information. I am just one of those people who likes to go into something having at least a general idea of what is going to happen.


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