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In the last 3 years I have been working in the National Parks starting in May of 2009 I got a job working as a cookout helper in the Grand Canyon North Rim, What an AWESOME experience. I had the best time of my life and found that I loved the southwest and the wilderness more than any crazy ass city in the world. I had the opportunity to hike 24 miles Rim to Rim that was an unbelieveable experience I would love to repeat one day with a few other friends that are willing to make the trek again. I have my Phantom Ranch Tshirt and Green water bottle to prove it. I hiked across with my Green Keen Hiking Sandals that was very comfortable and lite.

In 2010 I had a call to go back but i declined to go back to the North Rim not because I didnt like it, but because I wanted to experience a brand new park. I was hired to work with DNC Parks and Resorts in Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park as a Kitchen Support Staff. I had a great time I worked my ass off and also had the chance to hike on my weekends. I joined the 100 mile hiking club and finished my 100 miles the weekend before the season ended. My Boss Jackie Morris was so cool and nice and I felt very appreciated while working there. I did whatever they askked me to cause i loved being there. I met some great people and also some that I dont want to associate with ahahahaha. I never had the need to go and get drunk but I did provide a service for those that needed a simple haircut makeover, and that was fun. The great thing about hiking alone is that I was more inspired by the nature around me. While in Yellowstone for only 6 months I was inspired by nature to  write 4 poems. I will post it when I have the chance.

Last year 2011 I had the chance to work at Bryce Canyon in Utah as a server assistant and then got promoted to Panty Cook and that was an adventure and a great learning experience. I hiked all the trails ther are in Bryce Canyon. Including the longest one called the Under the Rim Trail starting from Rainbow Point to Bryce Point 23 miles. I love to hike and that was truly a great experience. I hiked with my good friend Steve Jupinko. I had hurt my right knee about 3 weeks earlier and thought I cant hike ever again, but I did and was able to complete my hike in a day and a half. Others thought I was crazy but i didnt care, I felt i had to do it  and finish all the hikes there are in Bryce Canyon. From the Navajo trail and Queens Garden, the Peek a boo trail, Fairyland trail 8 miles, the 6 miles one way trail to Tropic saw a snake on the trail but i wasnt afraid believe it or not. Well all these trails are truly amazing places to go its truly a site not to miss. We had a great activities coordinator and had the chance to also go out to Capital Reef and in Escalante to this great little waterfall which was 5 miles roundtrip calleed Lower Calf Creek Falls. I had taked some pics of this beautiful tranquil area and from that pic I did a huge painting of this waterfall, still trying to finish it up. As soon As I can download an actual photo and also a photo of my pic I will get that onto my site here, to prove that I was really there. I also wrote a poem on my 23 mile hike while at a resting area when the moon was shining down on us on the ridge of the trail.

Not sure where I will go next but I put in for Yosemite, The Tetons, some Ranches in Montana and Wyoming and also Lindblad National Geographic Expeditions, A resort in Maine and also in Vermont, well I will post my new travel place as soon as I get the job.


Just a note for those just starting out working in the parks, this is a great place to be outdoors and also of course work hard. You have 5 days of work and 2 days off. For me I call it my working vacation. I earn money while having fun. Where else can u have the view of great big mountains around you or a huge waterfall  a 1/2 mile from my dorm? It doesnt pay alot but the rewards are more than the money could ever give you. Work till the end of your contract so that if you ever want to go back you will be considered an employee who will be invited back to work there. Otherwise if you cant finish the whole contract just let them know until when you can work so that you dont quit without notice.

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did Bryce give your house deposit back? did you get too chose what days off you get?

like ur post.



Thanks for sharing your experiences from the last couple of summers with everyone ok? I am sure everyone is happy to read about your excellent experiences at the various places you have worked. Have a great weekend and an even better summer whever you land thins season!




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