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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am SOOOO tired of filling out an application for each position advertised.  Do we think it is possible for Coolworks to come up with their own application that each person could complete that covers all the requirements we normally see, then let us just link to it with employers?  Really, it take some of us "older and bolder" people quite a while to complete the same thing over and over and over again.

Just a thought....what do you think?

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Hi Margie,

That would be excellent, but each employer has their own requirements.  Most are standardized questions, but many are not.  Thankfully, lots of our employers use our ATS (applicant tracking system) so some of the questions are the same application to application.  If we could only get them all to use it!

Great suggestion, but highly unlikely.



I was wondering if you could go into some detail about what the "applicant tracking system" is?


Hi Brendan - 

Our system is called Staffing Center.  It's a comprehensive applicant tracking system which allows employers to have and maintain an accurate current openings list and job application.  We match the look and feel of their website and create a management system to fit their structure.  They can have as many hiring managers / users as they like.  The cost is based on their staff size.  

If you have any more questions, please let me know.


I was curious, since at first the name sounded a bit Orwellian.  Your description makes sense.

Nice suggestion Margie .... but I understand Q's comment as well.  It would be very difficult to get all the various employers to cooperate voluntarily.  If it were mandated by government (and I'm NOT a big government advocate) you could maybe make some headway.   I think we are left with filling out a ton of applications :(   Ranger Rich

I open a word processing page with the standard info, then cut and paste.  I also take a different approach in applying.  I start early and go slowly, picking up the pace if it seems to be taking awhile.  The most applications for any season so far has been a big five.  A couple of times it's just been one to three.  Part of that, though, is I'm a cook/chef/baker most of the time.  The time with five was when I was more determined to find something outside of the kitchen.

There is something out there that will at least make your life easier filling out applications.  If you use firefox, search for a add on called auto fill or auto complete. (if you use internet explorer, just search the internet for it)  You will fill out all the basic information one time, and on most pages it will automaticly fill it in, or give you an option. It won't work on all pages, or all questions, but it sure is a time saver for the basic info.

That would work for me. I've filled out more applications in the past few weeks then I have in the past few years. With my work history I could write a book. Time consuming it is for this 'Older and Bolder' job seeker.


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