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I know it is a little early, but figure i'll nip thus one sooner rather than later.


I am looking to go somewhere warm for the winter this year and thought I would ask people about places they may know of. I would prefer to be near beaches or lakes.


I am interested in more specific locations than just "South Florida", so if you know any specific restaurants or resorts in either Florida, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and so forth that will be looking for experienced Back of house restaurant staff, please let me know.


I am interested in places that are listed on and off Coolworks too.


Thank You

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hawk's cay in Marathon Fla ( keyes), or Ocean reef club in Largo either one good places  forget the name of the in Islamorada but there is one there there too

I've heard of Maho Bay Camps in the Virgin Islands, but everytime I look at their website, the employment section is blank.  I have been suggested by mutual guests on three seperate occasions to check Hawks Cay.  I sent them an email asking for more info about their seasonal hirings and I didn't get a reply.  I know a couple of years ago they depended heavily on H2B-visa many in Florida...and probably too much so, one of the many reasons some changes were made to the program.  It could mean there are many places to fill these could also just be a big red flag.

There is the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada.  They advertised on coolworks...once...oh, 4 or 5 years ago.  It looked like a nice deal...but I have since heard they like the face-to-face interviews.  Ocean Reef...I have heard the normal good and bad from people that have been there.  Just remember it's one big country club, where the best advice is to be invisible...good notices are sometimes as difficult as bad...go there do your job then get away somewhere else on the key.  They also tend to try to fill their openings at various job fairs throughout the late summer...I have seen them in the Tetons, in Vermont and in Alaska (for examples) opening through online is rare.

Jupiter Island Club is another place that will most likely fill all it's positions at job fairs.  There is John's Island Club, sometimes advertised on might pop in again.

I understand that there are two Marriott' on Marco Island, the other Sanibel that offers some subsidized housing for employees and sometimes have minimums of 6 months...but this info is a few years old.

There's the small Ivey House in Everglades City, and advertise semi-regularly on CoolWorks.  Last year there was one position advertised for an Oyster [House?] on CoolWorks...also in Everglades City.  they don't have a normal employment section on their website but I guess you could email them.

I have heard that employment in Hawaii might not be that difficult.  If you have an address in Hawaii and do the face-to-face, in person contacting.  That would most likely entail getting an apartment there first if you don't have relatives or friends there.


Yea I emailed their info at Maho Bay a week or two ago and got a response which i replied to so we shall see.

I have also glanced at Hawks Cay but dont think they have anything yet. Ocean Reef emailed my school weeks ago, which im alumni, and so i applied through that, ive recieved confirmation they got my email but thats it.

Last Nov i talked to Johns Island, they asked me for references, never called them, and never called me back either.

Looked at Cheeca once you mentioned it, hadnt heard of Jupiter Island but will look into it as well as the mariotts.

So you said hawaii employment would be easy as long as i have an address?

Maho bay is a pretty cool place, I worked there in 2004. I had a ball, Then I went to JJ's in Cruz Bay, I worked there and at Skinny Legs at coral bay. If you know the back of the house there's lots of work available. Google" U.S. Virgin Islands newspaper". It has job listings in it.

Maho Bay/ Concordia camps also have a work volunteer program. There's a lot of students that work there during off school times. They give you a place to stay for 30 days if you volunteer to work 4 hours a day/5 days a week during that time. Good luck, Have fun 

Just got back to the mainland from 2 years working BOH in Hawaii..In Oahu, Waikiki there is plenty of work as well as Turtle bay resort on the North Shore. You just have to show up and do the face-face interview thing. You can generally rent a room for about 900-1000 a month and via craigslist they are plenty


Thanks both all  of you for the responses thus far, keep em coming, I am constantly looking into places.


Ken, what would you recommend for housing on St John? I have a Skype interview for a job in about 10 or so days.

I don't remember her name  but there's a woman that has some little places on the North end of the island. It's right across from peter bay. Only a 30 minute walk to Cruz Bay, or you can hitch a ride. it's legal and the best way to get around. St. John isn't very big.

Who do you have the interview with? Places like Maho, Concordia and a couple of the barts in town have housing available for a small rate.

My interview is with a restaurant called The Ocean Grille.


Cool, ill try to look into it, if my twin gets a job on island too then we should be fine.

Big Bend National Park, south/east part of Texas should be warm too during the winter (near Mexico)
You may also want to try Zion National park as well it has very warm climate for winter season.


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