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I was wondering what people who worked seasonally do for health insurance.

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Something else I'd like to add here - about my short lived position in Utah?  When I got on the plane I was excited - going somewhere new and getting out the heat for the summer, why wouldn't I be? But in the back of my mind there was a little fear.  How's this for how insane American health care is:  I am afraid to be more than say five hours from Mexicali, where there are US level hospitals at 75 - 85% shaved off US prices.  Also I don't like being further away from Los Algodones - good primary care doctors and basic services and affordable meds, and of course, dentist after dentist after dentist.  There have been some deaths in the past year and a half of people older and close to me and I am thinking now that I am not so invincible - it scares me to go further away from the Mexican border, which I now view as a destination of human rights due to the much more affordable healthcare.  If that isn't the most practical take on an extremely insane situation that you have ever heard, I I don't know what is then.  Seriously, that border with all it's many issues represents to me human rights I am not worth in the United States.  Depending on what happens with ObamaCare, I may not be forced to hop a bus to the border anymore, or I may just use it for meds only and have any procedures still done in Mexico if it means significant cost savings.  Just my two cents and for many people who don't live close to the border, probably a unique take on this issue. 

Absolutely agree!  So many countries offer all their citizens adequate healthcare. Ours is the absolute worst. I am blessed with good insurance, but .... It is also a travesty to see what they charge the citizen with no insurance vs what the insurance companies negotiate (a small fraction of the cost) as full settlement.

The other bad thing about the AHC is that the basic policies will have such high deductibles and copays you will be paying premium and getting no benefits, just hundreds and thousands of dollars paid out of your pocket.  You will still have to pay your doctors and medical costs up to very high limits. The only help the policies will give you is if you have catastrophic expenses over three thousand dollars or more. The entire system in my estimation is criminal!

not much better when working for a big company.  I worked for a company that did call centers for AT&T and the insurance they offered would only cover one day in the hospital.

That's the so called limited liability type health insurance Shannon.  It's a smoke screen.  People walk around thinking they have health insurance but they really don't.  They did the exact same thing at Hershey's when I worked there.  The policy simply ended if you got really ill or injured and you were totally on your own.  These policies are a waste of money.

I'm still on my parent's insurance since I'm only twenty one. Most jobs will offer insurance though.


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