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What happenes to employees who have a simple warrent in another state? National Park?

Do they get handcuffed and extradited for a misdomener or infraction? If they find out about it while he or she works at a Nat. Park? 

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If an NPS job....they do a thorough background investigation before making your job "official" .... if any issues are found you will be sent home (or at least out of the park).  If there is an open warrant you will be subject to arrest, as NPS law enforcement rangers are equivalent to municipal police personnel.
I have also. They sometimes march into the dormes and lead people out the doors in handcuffs. I was wondering  what happens next. Thanks so much. Somebody I know was worried it might happen to him.

That's something that's going to follow a person no matter where they go.  My personal opinion is, that person should turn themself in, get it resolved, and then you don't have to worry about this kind of situation in the future.  I have seen someone taken out of a kitchen in cuffs when I was at Bryce.

They do not mess around. Xantera could do all the nessesary checks before the poor guy starts working. He gets a swift kick out of the park two weeks into his employment. Now Get! Ha Ha.


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