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Im headed to GCSR and want to be prepared for the intense hiking. Should I buy a camel backpack? Whats a good website for inexpensive hiking gear? Anyone want to give me a list of things I will definitely need? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! <3

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sierra trading post and the camelback is a preference, all my packs have them but i still prefer nalgene bottles. when i have a drink of water i like to stop and take in my surroundings, but like i said its a pref. definitely get a get comfy pair if hiking boots or runners. my pref is a pair of hi-tek waterproof boots (i mostly hike in wa, def need wp). they cost about $70 and i go thru a pair a year, but they need no break in and they are very comfortable, and i have never gotten a blister with them. with you at the grand canyon, i would carry lots of water, and i would carry an extra bottle just for emergencies, not just for yourself, but you never know when you might have to help someone else like a unprepared tourist (happens all the time). get a good map too, the national geographic ones are my fav, and they are fun to look at and see where you would like to go. always carry the 10 essentials oh and a good guide book
If you're somewhat new to hiking this top list looks very good to me. Don't push into long hikes right away and just add gradually. If you get more into overnights and multple days later you can pick up the necessary gear later. By that time you'll probably learned a lot more about what is best for the unique you too.
I agree with Jon about the camelback. It's nice to to stop and take a breather, get a big gulp of water or two and have a look around. Last year on a hike up to Half Dome in Yosemite I dehydrated big time. I think the water flow from the camelback was too restrictive. But I'm a big fella and need more H2O so I guess it's a preference.
You may also want to check the Gear Talk group. : )
I personally like climbing packs for short, 1 nighter hikes. They so incredibly flexible.
yeah for my one nighters i still take my big pack and i take fresh food with me. i am use to the weight/ bulk of 3-4 night trips but on 1 nighters it is nice to have guacamole and nachos and a couple of cans of pepsi. i also carry 2 sleeping bags and make the 1 nighters super comfy, it like paradise out in the woods
what do u mean by a climbing pack? do u mean a backpack that can carry a sleeping bag, etc?
im from new jersey so havent done many multiple day hikes
its a techical day pack that is a little larger to carry the gear you need for climbing. they are larger then a day pack, but smaller the a backpacking pack,
this is the backpack i have.

Do you think I should get something bigger?
depends, that would be fine for day trips, but if you wanted to do many overnight backpacking trips i would defiantly get something bigger.
yeah that is a awesome pack for day trips, i wouldn't mind having one of those. my day pack is the same one that fire crews use, in fact i was the fire crews and they tossed it and i happened to get it , pretty nice and comfy, but rather small


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