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Im headed to GCSR and want to be prepared for the intense hiking. Should I buy a camel backpack? Whats a good website for inexpensive hiking gear? Anyone want to give me a list of things I will definitely need? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! <3

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I'm guessing that that's fine for now. How far do you feel comfortable for a walk/hike right now? I've just met many people over the years that get all the gear right away and are able to do 2-3 miles and still feel great about the workload. Then they get discouraged with all the $$$ they have spent and end up quitting.

I'm not saying you're like that, or that's as far as you can make it. We just can't tell from this forum. I'd suggest starting with some good basics. Then eventually try other there are packs especially designed to fit and carries better on the female frame.
and you can always borrow gear from your co-workers to try out. if you decide you like hiking and get more ambitious, you could order online. i forgot, but campmor has awesome prices on good gear.
I use a Summit Attack 30 by Lowe Alpine (built in camelback) daypack It has side strap for ski's when I hike the slopes and ski down.

I carry a space blanket won't keep you toasty warm but it will help in an emergency, magnesium fire starter, lip balm, 25spf sunscreen a must have, Advil, splints both ankle and wrist, Arnica Montana or bio-freeze, breakable ice packs, head lamp, knife, flashlight, sunglasses with side blinders, and of course TP that all fits in the hood of the pack. The most of this stuff is for emergency never now whats going to happen.

I bring 2 liters of H2O, extra pairs of sock in case your feet get wet, trail mix and other snacks more to the organic side, extra outer shell, maps in case I go off trail and bushwack my cell has a compass and gps.

I only do day hikes. Not that I wouldn't love to stay out for 3 days but the job usually has something to say about that, and I'm a older and bolder type of a person, and my endurance has shortened. The one thing to always remember is to leave a note behind tell someone of your hike. Where you are going and stick to that stay in the general area, the time you left on your little adventure.

Have fun exploring.... OHHHH take a camera you'll want to share what you found!!!!!
Have they got anything that will peddle a bicycle?
When I lived in the Pacific, a must-have item for the woods that was most important was a sturdy knife because with a knife you can create whatever needed to survive being lost, injured, etc. You can create shelter, make tools, make fire,etc.....
good fitting boots and some good company
"Hell yeah!" to all three.
haha yes
This is a great pack with a great price; I just bought one myself. Kelty has a lifetime warranty and gives you the best bang for your buck. It costs less than Northface day packs.
As far as buying gear goes, once you find something you like go to to find the cheapest price.


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