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I have never seen a comprehensive guide to maintaining vehicle paperwork while living the life of a seasonal worker.  So what do most people do?  Anybody out there have any tip or tricks for keeping registration, Drivers license etc. while traveling all over the place.  Is there a state to register in that is best for "continual travelers" to use Oregon's term.  There is plenty of info about these issues for fulltime RV'ers but not much for regular seasonal workers.  Of course if I didn't have a car to deal with things would be much better.  But even those without cars still have to figure out how to get mail on the road and do other things.   I always just managed to maintain my NJ license, reg etc.  Until my license expired.  No problem I got a new one in Utah, now I need to renew registration in UT, but I will be in Oregon when it comes due and yes I must return to Utah to do it.  So do i return to UT to renew or start the whole process over in Oregon(license, reg and title).  I do know that most states have rules to make it easy for military people who travel a lot, perhaps they would do the same for seasonal workers who move around frequently.

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I hear OR is actually a pretty good place to do your reg. it's a 2 year plan and you can re-register by mail, just set up a PO box I think, better do a little checking though I am just writing what I heard, not personal experience. I did some research re. full-time rv'ing and So. Dakota has a $51.yearly registration for most all vehicles and it's really pissing off the neighboring states, used to be $41 till very recently, and only due to political pressure. Arizona gives you your drivers license "for life". A mail forwarding service is recommended for travelers, USPS will forward for one year if you have a PO box.
The advantage of having my vehicle registered in Texas is that the sticker on my car IS the registration certificate! Just need to have the Park Ranger walk out to my windshield to verify things. I had no problem getting registered at Yellowstone in 2009 mainly due to a sharp Ranger who knew how Texas handles it's vehicles.

We have been traveling since 1999 and use South Dakota for everything.  Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls, SD will send you information on what is needed for all your vehicles and drivers license.  We use SD because the folks at the vehicle dept. for Minnehaha County are very famaliar with our full-timers needs.  Also, SD has very low insurance costs for our motorhome and truck.  Texas for our motorhome we would need a CDL because of the weight of the unit, where SD does not require anything more than a standard license.  Best of luck and enjoy your travels,


'02 Monaco


This is a good  question, I am from NC and all my mail goes to my former home (my mom moved into it) but my registration for mymotorcycle will be expiring next Feb, and wherever I am it wont be NC, I am not sure if i can do it online or not either.

We are full time, not just seasonal.  We sold the house after trying it in the RV for increasing months over 3 years.  After checking a few things out, we opted for SD.  We have to go there once every 5 years to get a new driver's license.  RV and car plates are handled by mail.  I actually talked to the state registrar herself before we changed our legal domicile.  They're very happy to have us even if we only stop by every 5 years or so.

Our "residency" is in sioux falls.  We have a really good mail box service that costs us $120 for 13 mo if you pay in advance, plus postage of course.  We call them when we get somewhere, and they ship our mail same day usually, overnite if we wish.  they just called me to let me know the replacement credit card i've been waiting for finally showed up.

as a bonus, no state Income tax.  on the downside, Verizon charges us extra for SD versus our old state.


You don't have to be an RV'er.


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