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Hey seasonal friends need some advice here. Thinking leaving my current seasonal job just beacuse it is full of bull crap and a too laid back Store manager . He will not help out the lead here at this Yellowstone ( won't name location ) But we are just fed up with it and dunno what to do . The stress is not worth it to us me and my GF any more. My gf is appeal lead here and she has been trying to get help to get help in her department . but the other lead in gifts just keeps hogging the help ( stockers ) She went to the mananger today and bascially he said he won't do nothing about the problem .... What would y'all do ? 

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talk  to your location mgr?

I kind of agree with Ken .... I'd exhaust the management chain before bailing out on the jobs.  Perhaps someone in the mangement chain will listen to you and help straighten things out.  If you do strike out then tell them thanks for the memories and the two of you adios outa there.  We don't do this to get all stressed out.   Just my 2 cents.   Ranger Rich

Whenever I criticize the wonderful companies that post jobs on this board, I get dogpiled and flamed, but I'll say it anyway: most resort companies are very badly managed. Nowhere do you see this more than in mid- to low-level management, where every job is a revolving door and procedures are usually ill-defined.

These jobs get sold as an opportunity to live and work in a national park. But what good is it if you're worked half to death and so stressed out and tired at the end of the day, you might as well be in downtown Cleveland for all the scenic beauty and recreation you're going to be able to enjoy?

The majority of these companies exploit their workers, sell them substandard housing and food, and pay the the absolute minimum allowed by law. The good news is that there are good companies out there that treat their employees well. The bad news is that because so many seasonal jobs and employers are crap, it's hard to get a job with the good ones. I'd advise you to jump ship, but first ask around to see who the decent employers are and if you can find a job with them instead. Life's too short to spend any portion of it working in a job you hate, stressed out, living in a shack, eating mystery meat, and earning peanuts, or should I say (peanuts)-(housing and food allowance).

Hi, Kevin,

Life's too short to spend any portion of it working in a job you hate has always been my motto, too.

I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me privately a list of those good, not-so-good and terrible employers. That way you help me and don't publicly put down the employers here on CoolWorks.

I'm compiling a list so that when the time is right, I will know where to start applying.

Thanks so much.

I'd be glad to do so, but I have no problem giving you a couple of rankings as they have been pretty consistently expressed on these boards.

Xanterra is definitely in last place. They treat employees not just like dirt, but like contaminated dirt. DNC has garnered quite a few negative reviews and some positive ones. They seem to vary most from place to place. Signal Mountain Lodge is an example of a place that treats employees right. Vail and Aramark are two large seasonal employers that have good employee policies in place and consistently practice them.

If you want a general rule to go by, smaller resort operators on the fringes of the parks seem to treat their employees better than in-park concessioners, who rarely have any incentive to do things correctly since they are under fixed, long-term contracts and usually enjoy a monopoly on services within the parks.


Thanks so much. This has been added to my research. I had already picked up on the last place, but glad to see it confirmed.

I had found all the biggies you mention except VAIL, so that a new one for the list.

I had also found a couple of newspaper articles pointing me toward the same conclusion of in-park concessionaires and nearby smaller employers.

I appreciate your feedback.

this do have to be reported to the higher authority,that's not right what they are doing.

Well after long thought guys. We've decided to wait it out. My other half did go to some one higher and see how it goes.But other then no issues yet thus far. But the season is only half over dang it lol . Thanks for the reponses . A company who runs Yellowstone is hard to quit on because there may be a time later when I'm way old and retired I may want to come back here. 


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